I love this question: "How do I get a girlfriend?" Fundamentally, this question is inefficient and leads to a dead end. It's the same when someone "wants a family" or "wants lots of money". It is the perfect example of asking the wrong question while at the same time not knowing what you really want.

You shouldn't be asking for tips on how to get a girlfriend, you should be asking yourself "what would getting a girlfriend give me?" People usually respond with "a girlfriend would give me companionship, sex, etc." Oh really? So is THAT what you want? Companionship and sex? Well, why not just hire a hooker and adopt a dog? Because getting a girlfriend is a whole lot more than having someone to go to the movies with.

Learning how to get a girlfriend is a way for people to quench their inner most desires. It's a journey to find that feeling of love, security, and completeness. Once you understand this, getting a girlfriend is less of a want and more of a need. If you want someone, chances are you'll work less on getting it. If you NEED it, however, you will do everything in your power to attain it.

Some guys who ask how to get a girlfriend succeed in doing so and are STILL not happy. They believe that having a girlfriend will fix everything like a heart transplant would help someone live longer, but this is not true! Even with a transplant you must find an organ that is compatible. Any old heart won't do. Same with girlfriends. Just having one won't make you happier.

So many guys out there are with women just to be in a relationship. All the while they start believing something is wrong with them because they still feel alone, even when they have this girlfriend they so desperately wanted. Instead, learn to ask better questions. Instead of "how do I get a girlfriend?" how about "How do I get a girlfriend that I am compatible with and will make me happy?" Your brain will automatically begin searching for ways to find a COMPATIBLE girlfriend instead of just any girlfriend willing to be with you. Even better, add to this question by asking "Brain, find a way how to get a girlfriend that I'm compatible with, and let's make the process fun!" Now your brain will look for ways to make your goal of finding a compatible girlfriend fun.

Anyone on the Internet can advise someone else on how to get a girlfriend and could care less about whether or not they find the "right girlfriend." I could easily tell all of you how to make easy money, but it would include criminal acts that could put you in a lifetime of consequence. That is why I never seem to give the people who ask this question via email a satisfactory response. People just can't seem to understand that getting a girlfriend, a lot of money, fame, or whatever else they desire are merely a means to their true needs. Understanding these needs and working on achieving their inner most desires is a lot easier than searching for fast track solutions.


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Jesse Allen is the main contributor to the website www.approachandseduce.com and freelance writer. He has tried many seduction programs and provides free tips to seduce women on his site and through his official newsletter.