Quantum change? Whenever I hear people talking about "quantum change", I wonder, "What the heck is that all about?" Change to me is about "evolution" or a transitional process.

For instance, when the season changes, we don't wake up one morning and the snow is all gone and there are leaves on the trees. While the weather may get warmer as spring approaches, we are likely to experience some ebb and flow of snowfall and rainfall. The snow may melt but a further blast may also happen before spring finally sets in.

There are other things that happen before the long-awaited return of warmer weather. Have you ever noticed the sudden surge of birds singing when winter is seemingly over? But even the birds can be taken by surprise when we get a cold spell blowing in from the north after the snow is behind us.

I absolutely love the sound of running water in the spring, the draining off of the melted snow and ice flowing down into the storm catches. At that point I'm looking for the telltale buds in my garden, the tips of the crocuses peaking out from beneath the soil.

This entire process can take weeks and it's not unusual to have "relapses" of cold winds, frost or even flurries. But these events don't deter the emergence of spring and the coming back to life of things all around us. They only serve to remind us of where we've come from not so long ago.

All these happenings are not so different than what we go through coming out of a relapse of our chronic illness. In fact, they're not so different than what we may go through breaking free of our winter cocoons. We don't just wake up one day and we're feeling remarkably well after having had weeks of fatigue, depression, pain and overwhelm.

There is definitely a process to moving from being cocooned for winter or a relapse of illness and stepping out into the sunshine of spring or optimal health. In fact, I see that process as a 5-step formula:

1> Poke a small hole in the cocoon - This represents breaking the winter (or illness) routine, doing something different, expending just a little more energy than we did days before. At this point it's vital to expose ourselves to positive influences and triggers.

2> Pop your head out of the cocoon - Have a look around, see how the light feels as it warms your face. Begin thinking about the things beyond winter (or illness) that have made you feel good in the past. Work on developing reasons to leave the cocoon or put illness behind you.

3> Peel back the layers of the cocoon - At this point we begin putting away our winter (or illness) comfort zone. A change in our immediate environment can be the motivator that we need to move forward and stimulate the process.

4> Force your way out of the cocoon - Think of it as a temporary home that you're leaving behind, its usefulness done. Make a commitment to completing the process by stepping out on into the light; looking forward to the newness.

5> Plant your feet firmly and stretch out your wings - Neither have been used for some time so be gentle with yourself. Take careful steps and plan your journey thoughtfully, leaving behind the winter (or illness) and take flight into spring (or recovery).

Throughout this 5-step process, it's important to accept that there may be setbacks. But just as the birds can get caught off guard by snow flurries and survive, you too can survive the setbacks. Then you get back to the business of moving towards what lies ahead in your new season of health.

To read more about taking action with this process and taking responsibility for the outcome, visit: http://www.tinyurl.com/BustingOutOfTheCocoon.


Author's Bio: 

Trish Robichaud is a woman with a disability but she is NOT a disabled woman. She is an entrepreneur, a devoted wife, a loyal friend and a passionate advocate for others living with chronic illness or disability.

She's proven through her own life experience that you CAN go from being flat on your ass with your health and your career to creating a whole new pace for your life that nurtures optimal health & sustainable career success.

As a Work/Life Balance & Business Coach she teaches other women living with chronic illness or disability how to achieve the same transformation in their health, their lifestyle and their financial potential. You can learn more about her at http://www.TrishRobichaud.com