Marketing is an incessantly developing space. As new things evolve, you need to adapt. The same goes for marketing, more specifically B2B marketing. It is not necessary what worked in the past will work today. This is why modern B2B sales leaders and marketers hunt for new tactics. The account-based marketing solutions are one such growth tactic.
What is account-based marketing?
Account-based marketing or ABM is a proven strategy used by marketing teams to focus on a specific type of consumer, one that they produce a tailored content story for.
For instance, a computer software company with a specialty in the healthcare division decided to focus its efforts on IT managers within their state. Its ABM strategy built a storyline around the target parameters’ persona and developed content targeted toward IT managers. Thus, creating an easy portal to reach the right consumer.
Account-based marketing is one of the best options to engage with highly qualified leads (HQLs). Moreover, HQL solution services will help you get high-quality leads to beat the competition around you using the best B2B lead generation strategies. ABM tactic encourages companies to eye the most promising consumers.
Joe Chernov, Chief Marketing Officer at, explained: “ABM aspires to be zero-waste marketing. It’s a model that targets only the companies and contacts that are likely to buy your product and that sales have pre-committed to try to close.”

Top four benefits of account-based marketing
Here are four benefits that the best demand generation company derives out of ABM –
• ABM offers ROI (Return On Investment) clarity
• Strong alignment between sales and marketing
• Enhanced consumer experience
• Effective and optimized marketing and sales funnel
“In traditional demand generation, marketing throws leads over the fence for sales to chase. In ABM, there is no fence. The collaboration is close, constant, and totally focused on defined, account-specific objectives.”

How will a content syndication program help in your ABM?
Content syndication is a web-based program in which your company content is re-published by a third-party website. Digital content such as videos, blog posts, infographics, and articles can be syndicated.

When combined with ABM, content syndication is powerful. In short, ABM and content syndication go hand in hand.
• Make your content take the lead and increase the ROI of your content creation
• Make the content highly personalized to increase content relevance
• Nurture leads efficiently
• Take benefits of social networks
• Enhance the quality of a lead
This is how a content syndication program will help you supercharge your ABM and produce B2B leads. Content syndication can increase brand visibility with minimal effort.
Following are major content syndication programs used by a demand generation company –
• Joint webinar
• LinkedIn publishing
• Guest blogging
• Video sharing sites
• Weekly podcast addressing consumers pain points
• Free content syndicating networks
• PPC promotion on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook

A Demand generation company uses content syndication to get content and an organization into the limelight that it wouldn’t usually get. Also, an HQL service provider company prefers the content syndication program to nurture their leads.

Final words
Account-based marketing, content syndication, marketing qualified lead (MQL), and highly qualified lead together form a strong pillar of a demand generation company.
The combination of content syndication and ABM could lead to a potential consumer, otherwise termed as a marketing qualified lead, which will then be nurtured to generate new opportunities for your organization.

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