After great research and analysis of the various tools that are considered to make one abundant, the two largest variables turned out to be quite surprising. You may be thinking it's Stocks and Annuities, or Equity and Bonds, (and undoubtedly you may find some who agree) yet what was discovered, is that prosperity stems from two completely set of words: Expectation and Acceptance.

OK, before you fall out of your chair, let’s examine this a bit.

To begin with, let’s look at the people you know that are the most financially abundant.
What is it that they do different than others?

They EXPECT to be abundant. The bottom line is that if you do not see yourself as wealthy, chances are you will not be.

FACT: Life only brings us, and allows us to keep - what we believe we deserve.
(This goes both directions)

Then comes the second word and it’s the biggie…Acceptance.

Question: How many times has someone offered to give you something, pay for diner, or something along those lines where you refused to accept it?

We may something along the lines, of ‘Oh, No – It’s Ok, I’ve got this one” and in essence, refused prosperity.

For some reason we block out the gifts and opportunities coming our way that make us feel and become abundant.

In reverse, by accepting the simple gesture, what would happen?

You would BOTH have more abundance,
1) By – the money you saved and still in your wallet, and at the same time;
2) The other person would have a sense of the same sensation by gaining the opportunity to treat you out for a meal.

Point is, sometimes we just need to accept the gifts around us.

Challenge: For one week, accept ‘everything’ that is offered you in a positive manner; chances are, you will discover just how much you have been missing. Prosperity is all around us, let’s start accepting our share.

Author's Bio: 

Greg S. Reid, co-author, Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold