What is financial maturity? Is it the same as financial independence? Is it similar to financial security? Is financial maturity important to your self-growth? Moreover, what is the connection between an easy small loan and financial maturity? If you have many credit loans. Does it mean that you do not have financial maturity? Is it possible to still be financially mature even if you often apply for an easy small loan?

Financial Maturity and Self-Growth

To understand financial maturity and its connection to how you access the services of financial institutions that lend money, you need to understand financial independence and financial security. Here are the differences between the three:

• Financial independence happens when you have enough financial resources to meet your needs now and in the future, for as long as you live. When you are financially independent, you can already retire because you don’t need anymore, even if you are not yet of retirement age. This also means that you have provided even for emergency expenses, which means that you have no need, even for small loans;

• Financial security is a feeling instead of a state. You feel financially secure when you feel you have enough. This security can come from your income or even from credit loans. Because you have these financial resources you feel confident and secure about your financial status, free to live your life the way you want to. Financially secure people are not necessarily financially independent. However, they do not worry about money matter because they know that they have enough sources of income.

• Financial maturity is when you feel financial security because you are already financially independent. However, financially mature people continue to work on a steady source of income. Financially mature people apply the principles of personal finance, having financial plans that include actions to save and accumulate. A person is financially mature when he has the discipline to stick to this financial plan. This discipline results in a healthy relationship with money which is the ultimate proof of financial maturity.

Financial Maturity and Credit Loans

Financially people do shun credit loans. In fact, their financial plans may include getting a Small loan or other types of credit loans to use them as a hedge fund or to use as capital to increase their investments. Obviously, financially mature people know the value of an easy small loan and there is a reliable website where they can get Credit loans immediately. They also know that the value of long-term credit loans. This awareness leads financially mature people to approach companies that lend money only when this is part of their financial plan, not as a whim, or not feel financially secure only temporarily.

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