I love my job.
I love it because of its variety.
Some days I happen to work in strictly controlled climate rooms where I’m forced to wear a kind of “burka” which leaves a square inch of my skin uncovered.
Some other times I climb to the top of a 40 meters high stack with a fishing rod on my back.
Some other times, I drive a 4 wheels drive car through the hills at night among foxes and rabbits.

I love my job because I can connect with the people I work for.
I can help them identifying the problem they have and find the best solution that fits in for them. The ”thank you” my client gives me at the end of the day worths nothing compared to the sincere smile that comes with it.

I love my job because it gives me problems to solve.
Finding out how things work and how I can make them work in a better way is one of the main satisfactions I can get.

Do you think I’m lucky? Yes. I am. But that’s not all.

Maybe you think that’s not easy to find a job you like. In fact, it is not easy, if you make it difficult.
More and more I see people around me complaining for their job. If you struggle to live your working day, if you don’t like what you do, you have three choices in front of you:

1) You can go on and do what you’re doing, including the complaining part of it. This is what most people do, just because it’s the easiest choice of all.

2) You can cut off the past and start something new following your interests and passions.

3) You can go on with you current job, stop complaining about it and learn to like it.

My advice? At all costs, avoid the first option and go for one of the other two according to your courage and your resources.
If you start looking for the good things you can find in your job, life will be easier and better for you, your mood will change, putting you in a new condition in which you’ll be more receptive to the opportunities that will be coming your way.
Start thinking about what you really like, what you’re passionate about. Make it a vision in your mind follow your heart and take your chances.

It will be as easy as you will make it. Find your way and the day you’ll get there, all you passed will be washed away in an instant.

Find your way: success and happiness will come with it and you’ll never repent.

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Giovanni Farotto is a contributing author on this website and he is an acknowledged expert in achievement, online marketing and blogging. He can be found on his website at http://blogautoposter.free.fr/blog.