"No Side Effects!"

That's not entirely true. There are many beneficial "side effects". These benefits include but are not limited to:

* improved mood
* improved digestion
* improved sleep
* improved memory
* improved immunity

An improved life, really. The reason is both simple and profound: the body is treated holistically. That is to say that by treating one area you subsequently treat another, and another, and yet another. By directly benefiting one part of the body, you are simultaneously benefiting the rest.

Therefore what we conventionally call "side effects" are simply "effects". In virtually every case, acupuncture provides you with such "benefits", as we may call them.

YES, but what about any harmful side effects?

It is very rare that any negative experience occurs while receiving acupuncture. The most common yet mild experience many people report is one of feeling very sleepy, in complete relaxation, after the treatment.