Are you an addict? Do you feel like your life is in the pits because of your addiction? Do you feel so low in life that you don’t think you’ll ever get out of the dark hole you’re in?

Do you think that being an addict is the worst thing in your life? Well, it may be, but only if that’s where you stay and you don’t do whatever is necessary to change.

The process of getting out of your addiction, when you learn the right motivation and what the true underlying causes are, will make you a better person than you were before your addiction.

Now, I know you’ve probably tried and tried to stop doing your addiction. I was there myself for ten long years. And the longer you’re stuck in your addiction and the relapse cycle, the lower you sink into the dark abyss, feeling like you’re in quick sand.

Part of the problem is that we focus on “not” doing our addiction. When we do that, we keep our addiction in the very front of our thought life. We’re constantly thinking about it. We’re struggling with knowing that we shouldn’t be doing our addiction, and the reality that we really want to do the addiction.

But what if you changed your “want to” over to something that was totally the opposite of your addiction? What would that look like? The opposite of being stuck in an addiction is:

• Having a great life to look forward to
• Being around healthy, loving people who love you unconditionally
• Waking up every morning with excitement for the day ahead of you
• Knowing that you are loved by God ... that God hasn’t turned His back on you.
• Knowing that with God helping you, you can accomplish all your dreams
• Having your dreams written down for your future
• You’ve got daily goals to work on to draw you toward fulfilling your life-long vision
• You know you were born for a specific purpose, and you know what that purpose is
• You are confident that your life counts; that you can influence others
• You can handle any emotional pain or struggle that comes up
• You no longer have anxieties over the little things
• You have a simple method that you can use anywhere to stop any anxieties or fears that creep into your life

How does that sound to you? Impossible? Not really. If you learn new relationship skills, how to handle your anxieties, and discover your purpose in life, you’re well on your way.

Do you see the shift in thinking here? Instead of working on “not” doing your addiction, you’re working on building an awesome future. When you do that, your desire for your addiction gets resolved as a byproduct. That’s how I finally got out of my ten-year addiction. And it all happened within three to four months. I’ve never gone back to my addiction. I now live a life filled with purpose and love.

And I can help you in all of these aspects to get out of your addiction and start living your dreams. I’ve been there, done that. If you would like to know “8 Immediate Action Steps To Take” you can find this free information at