You can make better decisions, you can IMPROVE YOUR INTUITION!

Intuition is a muscle that can be developed and strengthened according to the authors, experts and psychics that are members of the “Intuition Network.” World-wide professionals use their intuition for things as practical as stock market trades, major decisions and even quitting smoking. In business they call it CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING.


The first step is learning to trust your hunches. Keep a journal of your hunches and you will learn how often you are right. Most of the experts we interviewed for our video mentioned journaling and the need to practice. Practice is the key. If you want to develop your intuition, do things such as guessing games ie: Who is going to win and by how much?
Your journal will show you if you were right.

Meditation is also important, just spend some quiet time alone. You need to detach yourself from your feelings in order to make effective decisions and predictions. Learning the difference between impulse and intuition is also a key factor. It is important that you recognize how your intuition comes to you and you will notice a pattern. Lots of people get “gut feelings,” while others get “images or relevant dreams.” If you
do get images, you need to learn how to interpret those images.

Remember, intuition doesn't usually have a sense of desperate urgency and doesn't fade if you don't act.

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Ray Adler is the producer of the Improve Your Intuition video.
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