With so many of our children overweight and many already diabetic, I think every one in America will be in favor of Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity. Taking on such a huge problem is going to require a lot more than praise. It will require more than healthy choices, limited TV, and exercise. These are great words that health experts have been using for years with no apparent effect. This will requires something that is very unpopular: self-discipline and self-control.

Americans live a comfortable life, which is hazardous to our health. One obvious fact, which seems to be ignored, Americans eat way too much food, while millions of others starve. There are many factors which contribute to this epidemic of obesity. Some of these are the near-elimination of physical labor by technology, the disappearance of playgrounds, and the endless use of TV and video games.

Many Americans eat four times a day and also we like to “super-size” our meal if we can. Despite what we may think or say, adults set bad examples. As great as our intensions to help children may be, they will fail if we do not recognize that we ourselves are the problem. If we want children to change, we need to start with the adults, the Moms and Dads.

I think schools should start removing junk food vending machines and replace them with fresh local produce. These efforts must be accompanied by a serious role of our personal responsibilities. It is more than just talking about diets, calories, and exercise. We need to start getting serious about our self-discipline and self-control. Start taking action with ourselves by setting good examples for our children.

When we start with ourselves, our children will catch on fast. I think we would be surprised how happily they will follow our foot steps.

I have recognized these bad habits in my own life. I have decided, along with my wife, to start eating better and trying not to waste as much food. Stop taking for granted the food we throw away, this is a huge waste of money and resources.

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