Advice For Married Couples Having Problems: Dealing With Marriage Issues

In fixing your marriage, the one thing that every couple must remember is that marriages are not jobs and one of the simplest way to destroy a relationship or a marriage is by making the relationship as if it's like an obligation. In any marriage it is vital to have a mutual or to have the give and take stability in your relationship but everything must be done happily and coming from the heart.

Do you still remember the time when you are so in love with each other and you could not get enough of your partner's presence? You speak so much about marriage along with the life you would have as husband and wife. For the both of you, there was nothing more important more than being together and stay attached in the sacrament of matrimony. You would never have thought that one day will come that you could not even sleep because of the things that you have done for your home while your husband do nothing.

When you do something pleasing or nice to your partner; it is because you love him and desire nothing but happiness for him. It is not appropriate to make or manage a list about the good things that you have done and the things that your partner did not do for you. In every relationship, the couple must work together, but it does not need to make it feel like work.

One way to fix your marriage is to stop nagging about things that happen to your relationship. Men must be blamed equally as the women. Stop complaining about the things or chores your partner did not accomplished. Be able to understand that complaining will not be of help in your relationship.

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If there is something that you do not like about your partner's behavior, determine your concern about it. Assess yourself and ask why that behavior bothers you. Be sensible and approach your partner and settle things out. Excessive complaining can bring conflict to your relationship.

You have to think before speaking. Saying hurtful words when you feel angry will not fix problems. It will just worsen the situation. Think before you speak, for the words that come out from your mouth will never be taken back again. Hurting your spouse will not make you feel better. Unkind words have no reason in all relationships.

Be aware and avoid verbally abusing your partner. Words can bring distress, especially in marriage. If you are the kind of person who easily gets mad and speaking hurtful words is inevitable for you, right now change your manners. The verbal abuse will eventually lead to emotional stress for you and your partner. Always think that the harsh words that come out of your mouth will never be forgotten by your spouse.

These are just few things that can destroy a marriage. These behaviors are hurtful as well as disrespectful. If you love one another, then why would you like no hurt one another? Fixing a marriage is not one-sided. For the marriage to thrive, both partners need to have a mutual desire to make compromises and see the other side of each other.

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There is a lot of troubled marriage advice tossed around out there. Some will tell you to stay in the marriage for the long haul and others will tell you to move on to something better. Only you have the ability to decide if you are better off with your spouse or without them. This has to be something that you carefully consider before you make any moves.

You do not want to have any regrets either way so this is why you need to do what you can to make your marriage work. You will find plenty of troubled marriage advice that tells you to talk to your spouse. Too often we are afraid to say what is really on our mind. We do not want to hurt this person, we do not want to fight, and we certainly do not want to be vulnerable. However, by laying your cards out there on the table you can see what the overall hand looks like. It takes two people to make a marriage work so if you feel like you are in it alone then you may be fighting a losing battle. Letting your spouse know how you feel and why you feel this way can allow him or her to make the next move. Your spouse may need some time to digest what you are telling him or her. Let this person know that you would like to hear his or her thoughts about it when ready.

Do not turn away from your spouse during tough times. This is some of the best troubled marriage advice you will find. You want to be supportive and to try to work through anything you can. Even the strongest of marriages get put to the test. The outcome depends on the actions you take. If you do nothing then the marriage will only continue to get worse.

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Now that the year 2010 is finally here, many of you might have made some new year resolutions in the past month. One of the best resolutions anybody can make pertains to attitude. What better way to start 2010 than with a positive attitude towards life in general.

For married couples, it's time to take the steps to improve your relationship going forward to ensure that you stay together for a long time and that your family remains intact. If you can start taking action towards achieving this goal, then it's never too late.

No marriage is perfect. For this reason, couples should work hard towards nurturing their relationship. Just like a plant or a flower, a marital relationship needs to be cared for on a consistent basis to keep the flame of love alive at all times.

Here are some of the ingredients to a successful marriage. Keep them in mind and apply it in your relationship if you want to have a happy life together with your spouse and children.

* Sacrifice - There's nothing more admirable than being able to make sacrifices for your loved ones. Whether small or big, what matters is you know how to set aside your own personal needs in favor of those you love. Love has a lot to do with it so it should not be an issue if you are committed to making your marriage work.

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* Intimacy - Spend quality time at least once a week with your spouse. Make it an exclusive time for just the two of you to allow you both to share an intimate time. This aspect also includes sexual satisfaction so make sure that there's a give and take between the two of you and not just one fulfilling the other's needs all the time.

* Respect - There has to be some form of respect in order for a relationship to succeed and remain for a long time. Again if you love your spouse, you will respect his or her personality as well as his thoughts, views and needs. Also respect for each other leads to cooperation in many ways such as in making decisions.

* Trust - Building of trust is vital in marriage. Without trust, there will always be doubt which signals an unhealthy relationship. To earn your partner's trust, you will have to do things right and take the extra effort to nurture your relationship. And as much as possible, avoid doing unpleasant things behind your spouse's back.

* Honesty - Remember the old adage honesty is the best policy. This still applies to relationships today and if you can show this trait, there's an opportunity to improve your marriage going forward. Be honest not only in your thoughts and views but also in your interaction with your spouse and children.

* Prayers - For couples who put God in the center of their relationship, it helps a lot to be prayerful. When you are able to do this and show this act to your children, they will follow suit. Some people may not agree with it but nurturing a spiritual life in your marriage will help in the healing process especially during tough times.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Regardless of what many may think, Money is always the biggest issue in most marriages, miserable or not. Being unable to purchase the simplest of things for yourself you'll begin to wonder: Why? Why am I allowing this to continually go on? I am certain that there are a lot of you who suffer from the same fate. Once you accept and start to face the fact that he is not going to change and that if one is made you'll have to be the one to do it, you will start raising your expectations for yourself.

Begin to realize that your children expect more from you, they see what's going on, and that waiting for a change is a lost cause. No article that I write is meant to be a prelude to a religious sermon, but in truth when I started back to reading the scriptures, I started back seeing what I could expect of myself, and do for myself, so will you.

I began to find a new inner peace within myself, a peace which I had long forgotten. Once you redefine yourself and start paying attention to your own needs and wants, you'll eventually give up on waiting around, expecting a change, a change that will not happen. Finding that inner peace is what will make you stronger, because the worse it gets the more you can stop expecting a change.

I am not saying that change is always good for the better, sometimes in my case it was. I started back to believing in me, and squirreling a little away, every pay day, and eventually a little became quite sizeable, sizeable enough for me to do what I needed to do for me.

Some of my articles will from time to time contain a passage from the Bible, read them, you'll soon begin to see what I mean by an inner peace and strength, and you will know what to do.

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