Advice For Married Couples Having Problems: Dealing With Marriage Issues

A marriage is not something that comes easy even in the best of times. There are times when a marriage will go through its' worst and period of difficulty. During this time, your marriage can be quite demanding and divorce becomes the common solution. A marriage in crisis can be saved if only you know what to look out for and learn how to deal with it.

There are various types of marriage crisis such as:

- Illness

- Death in the family

- Trouble with the law

- A natural disaster

- Drinking problems

- Problems with children and some other type of issues

- Infidelity

- Problems with money

If you come to a point where you and your spouse need to deal with a critical juncture in your marriage, what do you need to do?

I am going to outline 7 methods that will suffice for most couples working out most types of critical situation in their marriage as it arises.

1 - Anticipate problems and crisis and have a plan ahead of time. You and your spouse need to learn and know how to handle urgent problem or emergency before any type of predicament happens.

2 - Expect some disruption to your daily life routine. During this marriage predicament, you must learn to lower your expectations. Be flexible.

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3 - Never blame each other when problems arise. Playing the blame game does not help you solve anything. In fact, since both of you are under duress, there is a high chance it can worsen your current situation as it can increase hostility between you and your spouse. This is the time you need to be supportive to each other's needs and be in control of your own actions.

4 - You must forgive and move on if there are issues that cause miscommunication in your marriage. Focus on improving the current situation or resolving the problem rather than dwelling on it.

5 - Approach the problem and situation together. Any marriage in crisis is a couple's problem together and not for only one spouse or the other. Both of you need to work together to get past the trauma. Depending on the exact crisis you are facing, you can either face the problem together as a couple or getting help or counseling as a couple.

6 - Communication with your spouse during this juncture is very critical. Talk to each other as an adult and avoid using harsh language just to vent your anger. Stay calm. Respect your partner and speak to him the same way you would expect him to speak to you. Many marriages failed because there is no strong communication. Listen and be open-minded when you are having a discussion with your spouse.

7 - Be prepared to get outside assistance. During this marriage crisis period, it is advisable not to expect your spouse to take over your duties. If you do not place extra work on your partner, coping becomes less traumatic since you will be able to rely on him or her for support.

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Learning how to save a marriage headed for divorce can be filled with pitfalls. So many people make the common mistakes that will almost guarantee that the divorce will happen. Often times these marriages could have been saved if the person trying to save the marriage had simply handled the situation differently. So how is this done? I discovered 5 very important steps that you must take before it's too late.

A few years ago my own marriage nearly came to an end when my wife told me she wanted a divorce. I was shocked and devastated at this bombshell. My natural reaction turned out to be a series of textbook mistakes that nearly cost me any chance I might have had to save the marriage. The truth was, I really had no idea and was simply acting on emotion. My emotions ranged from anger, hurt, jealousy and betrayal. How could she do this after all we had worked for?

Everything I tried simply made her all the more determined that she was doing the right thing. My sincerest desire to show her my love and desire to save the marriage seemed to be reinforcing the decision to divorce me! Why was this happening?

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Just when it seemed that all hope was lost, I learned about a step-by-step approach to saving marriages that worked even when only one partner wanted to save the marriage. I made up my mind that I was willing to try it. Heck, the path I had been on surely had backfired on me! My best thinking had nearly cost me my marriage. Here are the very basics of what I learned:

1. You must act immediately! The longer you wait, the more difficult things become!

2. Blame is the fuel of divorce so stop blaming your spouse or yourself for the way things have turned out.

3. When you are guided by negative emotions you have very little chance to save your marriage. You will learn how to change to a more resourceful state of mind.

4. You must trust the process even if it seems like the complete opposite of what you should be doing!

5. By committing yourself 100% to be the agent of change, you will see a change in the dynamics of your marriage. It really works!

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With the divorce rate so high these days many people are trying get help to save their marriage. Well I'm here to help you and let you know that no matter how bad it is there is great hope for you and your marriage. You simply need to learn a few tips and skills and here are a few to help you get started:

1. Listening to your spouse - sure many people hear the person who is talking but are you really listening to what they are saying this can be very important.

2. Getting the old spark back - many couples don't spend enough time together even though you're married you should still have a date night once in a while.

3. Saying "I love you" - lots of people stop saying I love you to each other when you see the person all the time, they just assume "Oh they know" you should say it all the time

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4. Doing sweet things - remember back when you guys first got together and you would do sweet little things for each other all the time you should try doing those things again. Make his lunch for him, or buy her flowers for no reason. Little things can bring a couple back together

5. Letting things go - you know sometimes a fight just isn't worth a fight and you should just what i said let it go this can help you learn how to let it go without feeling like you lost.

No one wants to go through a messy divorce especially when you know you still love this person so much. Start taking action today and start saving your marriage.

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Christian marriage help in my humble opinion is made to be more complicated than it needs to be. Please don't think I'm minimizing your marital problems but if you are a Christian then you probably have read in your bible the following; "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you".

You see if both husband and wife are Christians then it's even easier to get Godly marriage help right out of His Word. I'm sure you have read somewhere in your bible that "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them". So, if husband and wife join together and ask God for Christian marriage help He is there, ready, willing and able to help.

Ok, so what help should you ask God for in your Christian marriage? I would suggest you start with these two.

Christian Marriage Help #1

I would suggest you ask God to give you guidance on how to have a better relationship with Him (God). If you can just begin to understand the relationship dynamics of God and you, it will be easier to be a better marriage partner and soul mate to your spouse.

Wouldn't it be great if you could show your spouse some of the same characteristics God shows towards you (unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, self-control and patience)? If you and your spouse lived out these traits I wonder what kind of example your marriage would be for others seeking marriage help?

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The key is to put God first in your marriage and in your life. The bible say's to "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you". If you put your Christian marriage ahead of your relationship with God you will struggle more than you need to. Don't put the horse before the cart. Put God first and it will help keep your Christian marriage in order.

Christian Marriage Help #2

Next, I would suggest that you ask God (together as a couple) to strengthen your marriage and your relationship with Him (God). Remember "ask and it shall be give" and "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them". God ordained marriages and is delighted when marriage succeed. As it states in the bible "So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."

Who better to ask to help make your Christian marriage the best it can be than God? I'm not saying that God only wants you to ask Him for help for your marriage but as it Christian it certainly makes sense to ask God for guidance, wisdom, strength, discernment and anything else you need for your marriage to succeed.

I believe God wants your Christian marriage to succeed and has given guidance and instructions in his Word on how to live an abundant life.

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