Afra is the patron of Africa, and of the black race. He was the first of many from the black race to make his ascension, though from a spiritual perspective, there is no such thing as race. Souls are noted for their attainment and for the spiritual color ray on which they serve, not on the race through which they were embodied.

The races on earth have come from the heart of God as a path of initiation under one of the seven rays. Those who are of the “white race” came to master the qualities of wisdom (yellow), love (pink) and purity (white). Those of the yellow race came to amplify the yellow ray of wisdom. Those with redder skin were meant to amplify the qualities of love, and the members of the black race came forth to amplify the blue ray of God's power and the violet ray of God's freedom, both under the auspices of the Great Divine Director. In an ancient golden age civilization on the continent of Africa, people's skin actually had a blue, violet or indigo hue. Since the fall of man, however, people's skin tones reflect the karma of the race rather than the pure rainbow colors.

Afra lived 500,000 years ago, when the fallen angels who had invaded earth divided the people. These fallen ones set out to destroy the blue and violet races by introducing black magic, witchcraft, voodoo and the rhythms of voodoo and syncopated beats. Afra embodied to save his people and told them that their point of vulnerability was their lack of brotherhood. They had become dedicated to their ego and were no longer their brother's keeper.

Afra could see that many people from every race were losing their threefold flame through anger, and the only way out, was to care for one another. Afra has lived in the hearts of his brethren for hundreds of years as they have toiled under the burden of oppression from within and without. he teaches that the freedom and liberty that they are truly aspiring to can only come through the flame of the heart, calling upon God for an acceleration of light and a purging of darkness.

The initiation then, for everyone upon earth and especially for people of African origin is to desire to be spiritually rich over the temptations of materialism. This does not mean that having physical means of comfort is bad. The means to acquiring comfort can be, however. Afra wants us to call to him to deliver his people and the youth of the world from the darkness of the rap culture, and every downward, degenerative cultural spiral.

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