Alive and definitely kicking, that’s me! I’m not ready to roll over and slump into anonymity passing the limelight to the next generation. It’s not that I want to be famous, particularly in today’s climate where to be up there with the stars is like waiting for the vultures to pounce. I just want to feel ‘alive’.

My favourite multidimensional quote at the moment is:

“Don’t ask what the world needs – ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Reverend Howard Thurman

The emphasis here is on self, on authenticity and on action. It’s not enough to set dreams, or to harbour longings and regrets for the things you didn’t do. You do no one any favours by grudgingly spending your time and energy on things that leave you feeling tired, flat and numb at the end of the day. Who benefits from that?

It’s time to discover ‘you’… what makes you come alive, your heart sing and your soul dance? By coming alive in this way you not only benefit yourself but this has a knock on effect on those around you. Energy, enthusiasm and happiness are infectious. It is a natural way of being and by denying ourselves we deny others too.

So…. have you come alive yet?
Take the test below to find out:

Look at your life as it is today. Write down the following headings: relationships, career, family, me time, health, finance, physical surroundings, community. Assess each out of 10 to describe how satisfied you are with that aspect of your life. Add these up to give you a life satisfaction total.

Go and sit somewhere, quietly, close your eyes ( once you’ve read to the end obviously! ) and quiet your thoughts. When you are ready take 20 minutes to ask yourself the following question and then write down all the ideas that come up. You may find your mind goes blank for a while, or it races, or you’re planning the dinner. Anything is fine, but the ideas will come if you let them. The question I want you to ask yourself is: ‘If there was no such thing as fear and failure, what would I want to do?’

Re-do the assessment in question 1 for 5 years time having imagined making these changes.
If the difference between the total in 1 and 3 above is more than 10 ask yourself…. how can I afford not to come alive?

Interestingly I completed this exercise with a client who had secretly harboured the desire to teach. She’d never thought of it as anything more than an ‘if only life had been different’ daydream. She was in her 40’s, supporting 2 children and her marriage was on the rocks. She was flat-lining. Each day was a monotonous repetition of the one before and looked as if it would continue that way for the next 20 years until retirement. She looked as if the lights had gone out. When she was introduced to the concept of no failure she was sceptical. Of course she had a hundred and one reasons why she couldn’t give up her income, retrain, and live her dream. Her gremlins were on her shoulder morning, noon and night repeating all the self-limiting beliefs she needed to reinforce her choice of choosing the status quo…. But this was her life, not a dress rehearsal.

Tentatively she made enquiries and discovered, with tight budgeting, it was possible. There was only one place on the local course and the deadline was the next day. But, as so often happens when you put yourself in touch with who you really are, she got the place. She’s now a deputy head and loving life!

It takes an enormous amount of courage to stand up and say ‘ I’m not happy with the way my life is’. It takes tremendous strength to say ‘ I want to make changes’. It takes determination and will power but, once you’re living with the lights on, you will never look back.

Please feel free to contact me for help and support on your journey.

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When you are living a life you love you come alive. This is energising, fun, infectious even.So many of us are happy to leave our dreams in favour of treading water, making do and putting up with life because it's OK, it's easy and even worse... we 'mustn't complain'! Sarah coaches clients to challenge the staus quo and put you in touch with your authentic self so that you come alive and live a fun and fulfilled life.She can be contacted through the contact page on