It has been seen that around 25% of the heat is lost due to the un-insulated property of the roofs. When it comes to making your open space comfortable, either you look for local pergola builders in Brisbane or search for insulated patio option for outdoors.

So, how much you could save by installing insulated patio roof? What are the signs to tell the roof is under-insulated? Know the details here:

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What are the types of roof that can be insulated?

The applicable option for insulating depends on the type of roof you have. For example, pitched roof that has slops can easily be insulated, whereas the straight forward roofs come with a lot of challenge to get the insulation done. Well, when it comes to adding comfort to the outdoors, there are some companies to provide insulted patio covering.

What if the patio was not insulated?

With the proper insulation, your cooling/heating system has to work hard to achieve the desired temperature. Unless and until you have extra insulation, the temperature will escape through the walls. Moreover, improper insulation can cause damage to your building or to your bank account. Did you know proper insulation can reduce the energy cost up to 20%? Here are resulting factors you come across if you don’t install insulated roof patio:

  • You can’t stay outdoors in extreme weather: If you love roaming outdoors mostly, open deck space or a backyard with only a roof above will no doubt appeals you more. What if scorching heat or sudden falls interrupted your stay at such spaces? Would you leave spending time with nature? Obviously not! Be it the summer heat or winter falls; insulated patio roofs let you enjoy all the weather conditions, without confining you indoors.
  • Normal shades may face water leaks: Besides no insulation heat up space more or let the heat escape from a confined place, it will also let the water come in. In case you find a leaky patio, it may be because of poor insulation of the patio structure. Hence, it is a sign that you should replace the general patio with the insulated one; otherwise, it may cause the mould issue or other costly problems.
  • Ice dams on roofs: Apart from energy consumption to make your space temperate enough, non-insulated floors develop the ice dams when the heat melts the bottom layer of snow. Next time when the water gets freeze again, it gets oversized and can cause structural damage.
  • The normal shades get cooler or warmer quickly: Instead of insulated patio roof in Brisbane when you use normal shade the uppermost flooring layer easily heat up or gets cool. Eventually, the temperature of the floor is transferred to the next layer which makes indoor cool or warm accordingly. In the same way, the uninsulated roof makes the space for indoor heat to escape.

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Lastly, you will keep finding other means of comfort if the floor is not insulated. When your outdoor shades or roofs fail drastically to comfort you, you no doubt look for installing the cooling or heating system. This, in turn, cost you some bucks.

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