There are two questions that this article will try to answer in the most basic of terms. What is spiritual healing and what does a spiritual healer do? There are in fact several concepts or ideas being held on what is spiritual healing all about. Thoughts that try to picture out spiritual healing as falling down and speaking in tongues, laying on of hands or even psychic surgery, just to name a few. Yet spiritual healing is actually much more than the “side show” theater that we are usually used to seeing or hearing. This healing displays or demonstrates itself in the mental, physical, emotional and religious change in the person.

These changes could be very deep and easily noticed by other people or they could also be too subtle and only felt or perceived by the individual making the changes or alterations. This healing is a profound and an elemental change in how we see ourselves, the world and God. It uplifts an individual above themselves in order for them to be able to view all things from a whole new point of view or perspective. Finding inner peace in calming the emotions is another facet or phase of change that is viewed as an individual experiences the whole process of spiritual healing.

Going from physical sickness into a state or condition of being recovered is a part of spiritual awakening. The most dramatic part of the entire process is when the individual is able to see a clearer vision of God and how we can relate to God and to one another. This total feeling of brotherhood and being unified redefines the life of a person and their direction in terms of their interpersonal relationships, their professional life and their religious growth. So, do not be fooled or deceived by the theatrics of “psychic” types, because growth in spirituality is a very quiet and intimate form of pursuit.

A healer has the skill or ability to “see” the individual as a whole greater than the sum of their parts. A spiritual healer is the one facilitating this entire process. The job of the healer is to support and assist in removing the blocks to the growth of a person. It is also his job to retain the growth process for as long as his client wants to practice change in his life. A healer can only see the client once or twice or like any trusted adviser or confidant to play a part in the life of a person for many years.

How the healer does their jobs or perform their roles may vary from one healer to another. Most accomplished spiritual guides have the skill to perceive the blocks which are causing the problems or difficulties in the lives of their clients; the blocks could be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Through a process of talking to provide the energy and consciousness work the client is brought from a state or condition of dis-ease to one of balance.

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