With today's growing concern about pollution, high fuel costs (don't let the recent decline fool you), and the sustainability of our natural resources, we must look for alternatives to alleviate or eliminate our dependence on the things that cause those concerns to begin. with.

Oil and coal are our two main sources for our energy use today. These two "Resources" are "Unsustainable" as they will eventually be depleted or at least depleted to the point that they are no longer a viable option in a constantly growing world population.

Oil (petroleum, which literally means "rock oil") is where we get our fuel to power our vehicles and heat our homes, among other things of that nature. We also get plastics and believe it or not, some food ingredients (huh?) Like paraffin wax used in making chocolate and frozen food.

Coal is our main source of energy for the generation of electricity for domestic and commercial use. Coal is burned in furnaces to produce steam that in turn spins the turbines that spin generators, lighting up the world with electrons that move fast for our needs, desires and entertainment. All of this is fine except for the fact that coal is one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions today, even more so than our old friend oil. Not so good.

Now, unfortunately, our economy has absolute dominance over these two forms of energy. Getting away from them is not an easy task. We are literally "forced" to use it by our current situation. Powers that greatly benefit from this fact, regardless of environmental consequences and sustainability issues. This is one of the reasons why we apparently cannot escape, no matter how much politics is involved. We complain about the problems, but we do little to change it as we are "helpless" against the system and must use it anyway, no matter how much we disagree with it. The little one has no voice, right?


One of the best ways to help change the future and prospects for alternative energy, our real response to unsustainable oil and coal, is on the home front. If we all change things locally, each successive level will be forced to change too. It is the nature law.

By using sustainable alternative methods in our daily lives by changing the things we use every day regarding energy, we begin to change the world around us, especially when others do the same. Today you may have to pay a little more for a hybrid or electric vehicle than the standard combustion engine that uses just an old unsustainable advance, but the more people look for and demand these kinds of green options, the lower the prices will be. More importantly, though, vehicles that run on less gasoline (oil) will sell and eventually become obsolete if demand is high enough for nature's approved modes of transportation.

In addition to the ways we travel, changing the way we electrify our homes is a BIG step that is not only environmentally friendly, but profitable too! The savings are huge and the benefits can be amazing. If you set up an alternative way to generate electricity for your home and produce too much, the electric company in your area will buy the excess! Yes, you heard right, they WILL BUY it for you. For more information on this, see the Earth 4 Energy website link below.

There are many forms of renewable and sustainable energy solutions that you can use for your home. The best and most profitable and effective ways are wind and solar energy https://www.ecolist.io/

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We also get plastics and believe it or not, some food ingredients (huh?) Like paraffin wax used in making chocolate and frozen food.