Because of the tremendous growth, many sellers are joining Amazon every day. The sellers are allowed to create their personal seller accounts on Amazon to sell their products by using their online set up. Most of them are not aware of the typical policies, and rules, and regulations of Amazon, and get suspended. Seller accounts are also getting banned on Amazon, which is the worst condition of all.

Amazon is very tough regarding its rules and regulations, to create and maintain the reliable and trustworthy network. To ensure that buyers feel free to shop online and do not hesitate to trade on e-commerce platform with the the fear of getting cheated by fraudulent sellers, Amazon follows its policies very strictly. If anyone tries to do anything that is out of its policies, then it suspends the seller straightway.

The most common reasons of getting banned on Amazon could be violating the policies, selling restricted products, getting too many returns or negative feedback from the customers. When a seller account is suspended, Amazon sends email along with the guidelines for reinstatement. Sellers should follow the guidelines and try to reinstate their account.

Amazon Appeal Service

If your account is suspended due to payment related issues, then you have to clear the issue and get back to sell again. For customer satisfaction, due to late shipment or product return, Amazon has to pay refund to the customer, and in this process, they deduct the amount from your account. During this process if any problem arises, then Amazon will ban your account. Releasing the money ensures that your account will be reinstated.

In case, your account is suspended due to violation of Amazon’s policies, then the situation will be difficult for the sellers. You have to appeal for reinstatement stating that it happened by mistake, and will not happen again. While appealing the seller must provide all the correct and relevant information along with an excellent plan of action and appeal letter. You need to be very precise and to the point. If you can convince Amazon, then only your account will be reinstated.

But even after appealing, if you cannot convince Amazon, then your account will be banned. After being banned, you won’t be able to get back to Amazon. In such case, you will get an email from Amazon stating that you should not contact them again. when an account is banned, Amazon will not read any email from you.

To avoid such situation, sellers should follow the guidelines and policies set by Amazon. Also many sellers used to do some common mistakes such as opening new accounts, opening accounts with friends and family thinking that they can get rid of suspension. But, it actually makes the situation worst.

Being a seller, it’s absolutely your advantage to carry out your organization genuinely. Earning the faith of your customers should be your interest as well. You will get ample opportunities if you conduct your business in line with Amazon and you will lose the market if you did any mistake. It is better that you understand all the policies of Amazon, before taking any step.

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