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About Amazon –
Amazon is a Fortune 500 e commerce company, based at Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Originally named Amazon .com, Inc., Amazon is presently the largest online retailer in the world. Amazon enjoys the highest revenue turnover with largest market capitalisation and is second only after Alibaba group in matter of sales.

Amazon deals in almost everything in this world. The product mix offered by Amazon.com is print media such as books, electronic media such as DVD, video tapes, music CDs, software etc. Other products are clothing, kids ware, food material, health care products, groceries, personal care products, kitchen products, industrial supplies, science products, watches, jewellery, garden tools, sporting goods and tools, musical instruments, toys, games and automotive items and many such more items.

Amazon is now in India also. It has made its presence felt with a big bang. It has complete list of products with it with special focus on grocery items. Amazon has proved itself to be the fastest growing e commerce company.

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