American Airlines is one of the major and largest airlines in the USA which was founded on April 15, 1926, means 94 years ago and commenced its operations on June 25, 1936. It has 10 operating hubs from where all the flights arrive and depart to their domestic and international destinations. AA is the largest airline worldwide when you measured it with its fleet size, scheduled passengers carried, and revenue passenger mile, and it is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, American States. American Airlines fly to almost 350 domestic and international destinations and handle approx 200 million passengers per year means 500,000 passengers per day. The airline has a fleet size of 892 aircraft and is a founding member of the Oneworld alliance which is the 3rd largest alliance worldwide. American Airlines has a frequent flyer program which is AAdvantage. If you want to know more about American Airlines then read the complete post and talk with the American Airlines customer service team through the American Airlines phone number.

History of American airlines
American Airlines started its operations in 1930 which is a fusion of 80 small airlines and it is derived from 2 organizations which are Robertson Aircraft Corporation & Colonial Air Transport and turned into an operating company which is named American Airways. In 1934, It reorganized its routes into a connected system due to new laws and renamed as American Airlines. Till 2000, the airline became an international carrier and also purchased Trans World Airlines in 2001. Then American airlines unite with US Airways but did not change its name and this union will become the largest airline in the American States and all over the world.

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American Airlines Toll-Free/800 Customer Service Phone Number
Best Tips for Contacting American Airlines Customer Service Phone Number
Why Do People Call American Airlines Phone Number?

American Airlines Toll-Free/800 Customer Service Phone Number
To get help regarding any query with American airlines, find toll free/800 numbers of American airlines that offer real-time help and you will find waiting on hold and tools for skipping right via these helpline numbers than talk to American airlines experts/agents. Passengers can ask queries related to flight refund, baggage related issues, flight inquiry and change, special assistance, and other issues. Find the phone number of American airlines category or department wise which are listed below:

General Passengers Queries And How To Resolve It
How to fix Issues with Booking on American Airlines?
While booking a flight with, if you find any kind of issues then you can connect to the customer service centre with the helpline number of American airlines. Agents will help you in all manner within no time.

How do I get American Airlines refunds for Cancelled flights?
American Airlines will not provide a refund for non-refundable flight tickets only if you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking. You can also get a refund with American airlines if American airlines change the schedule of the flight of more than 4 hours, death of a passenger or their companion, due to military orders.

How do I change my return flight date American Airlines?
Passengers can change the return flight date with American airlines from, at the airport ticket counter, or by calling the helpline number of customer service.

How to earn miles with American airlines?
AA allows you to earn miles every time when you make flight reservations online from its official site. To earn AA miles, you must be a member of the AAdvantage program or the American Airlines frequent flyer program. You can join the AAdvantage program line from

How do I check in for my American Airlines flight?
American Airlines allows you to check-in before 24 hours and up to 45 minutes of flight departure time from its official site or mobile app. Check-in at the airport or kiosks machine, you should be reached at the airport before 45 minutes of the departure of flight.

How many bags can I take on American Airlines?
American Airlines allows you to carry 2 standard bags and up to 10 maximum bags for USA destinations and up to 5 bags maximum for other destinations which include the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and South America.

How do I choose my seat on American Airlines?
Passengers can reserve their seats with american airlines while booking flight tickets or at the time of check-in of your flight. To choose your choice of seats you just go to & Go to “My trips/check-in” and reserve seats by paying some seat assignment fee.

How do I reschedule my American Airlines flight?
You can change your flight schedule with american airlines without any change fee. You can change or reschedule your flight from its official website. But if there are any differences in fare of a new flight booking then you should have to pay it.

Best Tips for Contacting American Airlines Customer Service Phone Number
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