Who does not want a neat and tidy house? But, wishing to have it is completely different from getting it done. While the prior is a dream and the later is a challenge. If the challenge is accepted, then the dream comes true. The household chore helps in the process of cleaning approach and undoubtedly, need, and the preferences change the list of the priorities significantly.

The approach towards the household chores is altogether a different story. Keeping your house clean throughout the year is a hectic task. If you are facing troubles in keeping the house accessories, commodities and other things updated, organised and neat and clean, then a clear understanding of the cleaning chores along with a plan to execute will be an efficient way to ensure that the house sparkles throughout the year.

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The following is the list of to do things that make sure that the cleaning process remains effective-

What are the cleaning chores to be dealt with “DAILY”?

Daily cleaning helps you to manage a significant amount of the congestion and keeps you guest ready always. The following are the daily household chores that add to the cleanliness of your house-


  • Keep the linens and the beddings proper
  • Keep the tossed up utilities at their place
  • Clean up the dirt and the mess as soon as possible


  • Washing the dishes and other kitchen utilities
  • Cleaning the appliances and the other kitchen countertops
  • Keeping the eatables, veggies and the dishes at their proper place

Bathroom and Other Premises

  • Cleaning of the sinks, mirrors and the faucets
  • Vacuuming the dirt on the furniture, upholsteries and the rug

Things that require “WEEKLY” Cleaning and Maintenance – a list

Well, the weekly cleaning is much extensive and exhausting. It includes cleaning of the other aspects of the houses that remain untouched during the daily maintenance schedule. Here is the list of to do things during the weekends-


For many of the people, weekends are for laundry. Ensuring that all the dumped clothes in the bean bag are washed for the coming weeks is one of the essential aspects of cleaning the house.

Washing the bedroom linens, covers, pillowcases and bed sheets can be included in this list.


  • Moping the floors of the kitchen thoroughly to ensure the sticky dirt is cleaned
  • Cleaning the refrigerator and disposing off the unnecessary items stocking in the fridge
  • Dusting the surface of the kitchen accessories to make them free from allergens and pathogens

Bathrooms and Living Spaces

  • Replacing the old towels with the fresh ones
  • Cleaning the sink, floors and the walls to remove stains

Cleaning on “MONTHLY” Basis – what do you need to know?

Monthly cleaning is like a mega cleanliness drive and for this you are recommended to seek help from a reputed professional home cleaning service provider. It includes a thorough cleaning of all the nooks and corners of the house. The following are the different aspects covered under the monthly cleaning approach-

  • Cleaning and vacuuming the rugs, mattresses and the carpets
  • Vacuuming the closets and the drawers and organising them afterwards
  • Cleaning the household accessories and electrical appliances like the ceiling fans, air conditioners and refrigerators
  • Cleaning the windows, doors and other furniture


It is necessary to hire the professionals who are into the cleaning for a long time and have proper training to carry out both the regular and requirement-specific cleaning as they know how perfectly the process needs to be carried out.

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