One of the reasons why people prefer online casinos over land-based casinos are the continuous inventive offers that most online casinos provide. This is especially true for their bonus offers which look amazing. They have bonuses for new players, but they also have bonuses for existing players. Some of these bonuses are temporary (seasonal for example) while others are permanent. Even though these offers look great, the truth is that in order to get your winnings in this way, you will have to meet certain wagering requirements. In many cases, these requirements are not easy and require multiple wagers on specific games in order to “release” your bonus money. But, there’s an exception and it comes in the form on no wagering casinos.

What is a no wagering casino?
You can tell by the name of this type of casino what it’s all about. These are casinos that provide bonuses that don’t come with any wagering (playthrough requirements). Keep in mind that in most cases, these bonuses are actually free spins that you can use on different slot games. For instance, once you sign up on a casino site, you can get 25 free spins on an online slot. If you earn cash with the help of these free spins, the money is yours to keep or withdraw. On the other hand, classic casinos will require playing with your earnings for a few times (sometimes even up to 50 times the value of your earnings) before you can get paid.

In rare cases, you can expect money as a bonus in a no wagering casino. The situation was different in the past when many casinos had no wagering bonuses, but it didn’t take much time before they’ve realized that many players are abusing these bonuses.

How to find a good no wagering casino?
Now that you know how great a no wagering casino can be, it’s time to learn how to find a good no wagering casino. First of all, you have to look for a licensed casino with a good reputation. You can ask your friends or family or even your colleagues to find out whether they have heard about a casino like this. You can also use online forums and discussion boards to learn more about them. But, according to many experienced players, the best option is to find a review and comparison website. These are specialized websites where you can find descriptions and reviews written by experts in this area. Obviously, you should opt for a casino with a good history.

In order to get the most from this unique experience, it’s better to use a website which offers a huge selection of casino games where you can use your free spins or free bonus money. Additionally, you should also check whether there are some other requirements related to the offers they have. We hope that this short guide will help you understand how to find and why to use a no wagering casino.

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Misty Jhones