In the past, writing properly by hand was a necessity in our day to day lives. But now, with the development of modern technologies, people are somewhat avoiding writing. But, to learn any foreign language writing by hand and learning to do so is utmost necessary. When and if you join a Russian language course in Kolkata, you will learn the methods of writing the letters by hand.

Handwriting is reserved for making notes, shopping lists, postcards, and other rather important things. Hence, a beginner of Russian needs to learn it but mastering it is not necessary. Later on, as the learner progresses, he or she may need to get a good grasp on the writing system. However, if writing is practiced daily, you will not face much trouble.

Among the 33 letters in Russian, there are about five that are completely different in handwriting. They are Т, Д, Г, П, М. The rest is just cursive versions of the same, with little extensions of neighboring letters in order to join them together. The main purpose of the handwritten style is to make writing by hand fast and fluent by placing the letters consequently which is taught extensively in a Russian language course in Kolkata. As you progress through the levels, you will be able to take your pen off the paper.

All educated Russian native speakers will be able to write fluently when required. But as a basic student you will only need to use the words which are only needed and for this, the skill of calligraphy is not required also. Today there are many apps also which can teach and help you to improve your Russian handwriting.

It has been seen that some people's writing is illegible. Some infamous examples include doctors. On the other hand, there are many famous Russian writers who were unable to produce legible texts either. As an example, we can state Pushkin's writing, where a modern reader will only be able to guess some of the words and would struggle to read whole sentences.

Though Russians joke that illegible handwriting is a sign of a genius, it is important to improve it by taking up a Russian language course in Kolkata. As a beginner, you must not be discouraged if you see a piece of writing that you find hard to decipher because it is natural for beginners.

At a later stage i.e. intermediate or advanced, you will be able to make assumptions about the writer’s age, gender, level of education and sometimes character. Today you can learn Russian even without ever using the pen and paper but it is always advisable to do so.

Learning to write the Russian letters is just part of the process of learning to get used to various forms of writing, and the more examples you see, the easier it becomes to understand and write the language better. Also, by taking up the Russian language course in Kolkata you will learn more about the different types of letters and their meanings with an overview of the various Russian dialects used in various parts of Russia.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is a Russian teacher at IITT Languages Academy. He focuses mostly on the Russian language course in Kolkata and gives emphasis on handwriting. He uses several techniques for students to improve their handwriting.