Mediumship has been so poorly portrayed thanks in general by the media and Hollywood. You see, I would know because I am an Intuitive Evidential Medium. I don’t walk around with crazy dyed hair or crystals around my neck or any other image popular culture would have you to believe. I live a normal life, in a small suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I have raised a family, work outside my home, garden and love to shop; you know all the normal things in life. The only abnormal aspect about me is I can connect with the dead or as I prefer to say, those in Spirit. Many people come to me saying, “How do you do that”? or “I want to do what you do”. First of all, I want to make clear to everyone, being a Medium carries a big responsibility and respect for both the living and dead. It is not a game. As a Medium I tap into your personal life and those on the other side. I fully and completely respect this gift I was given and I would never abuse it. Also, I personally feel one can not learn how to be a Medium either you have it or you don’t. I do however believe that we are all born with some degree of intuition. You know, that “feeling” when you just know. Because of this mass interest in Intuition and Mediumship I wanted to share with you a few tips you can practice to help develop your intuition.
Below are some simple everyday steps you can take to develop your Intuition.
1. Taking care of your body will increase your intuitive ability:
- Practice deep breathing exercises - paying close attention to your breathe.
- Try decreasing toxins and stimulants such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, caffeine, and sugar.
- Nourish your body with healthy well balanced meals and snacks.
2. Stress and anxiety shuts down your intuition.
- Practice deep breathing exercises...daily
- Learn the ancient art of Meditation, its much easier than you think!
- Keep a daily journal of your thoughts and emotions; this is a great way to release those inner emotions and feelings.
- Take up walking, yoga or any form of exercise you enjoy.
- The ancient art of Tai Chi is very helpful.
- Bio feedback for stress reduction has helped many.
3. Keep an open heart.
- Letting go of old emotions that way heavy on your heart.
- Forgive those who may have caused you pain.
- Play more!
- Find ways to laugh.
- Fill your life with (healthy) things you love.
- Limit time with those who drain you of your energy.
- Practice being just in the moment.
4. Connect with your Spirit.
- Connect with your Spirit for at least 5 minutes everyday, this can be done through meditation or simply sitting in silence.
- Join a Spiritual development class or group.
- Create a sacred space just for you to spend a few minutes in everyday.
5. Live in the Moment.
- Being in the Now... if you are living in the past or worrying about the future, you are missing the present. Intuition only exists in the moment.
I would like to touch upon evidential Mediumship. Evidential Mediums provide evidence that your loved one in spirit is truly communicating. When connecting to those in spirit evidential mediums are given pieces of information, it is like a puzzle and every piece given shows a bigger picture.
I can not speak for all however, my goal as an Evidential Medium is to provide evidence that there is life after the event of physical death. Evidential Mediums can provide healing, connection to spirit, perhaps even simple comfort. Often grieving loved one’s have their grief greatly diminished after having a session with an evidential medium.
Typically how my sessions begin is with physical evidence, such as how you’re loved one looked, how he or she died, if they were buried or their ashes scattered, their age, their birth month or death event month etc. Often times those in spirit show me their homes they once lived in or even your home that you live in or once lived in, their type of occupation, etc. Also, I am able to describe your loved one’s personality, what they liked or disliked, speech patterns or special characteristics i.e. if they walked a certain way, the kinds of foods they enjoyed etc. This all serves as evidence that your loved one is truly coming through during our time together. Those in spirit may perhaps offer a message to describe your loved one’s family members, including pets, children or perhaps your children, hobbies etc. One thing is for certain no two sessions are a like and one never knows what those in spirit will present.
My purpose as an Evidential Medium is to provide for you validation that we are never alone and to eliminate any skepticism you might have. Evidential messages provide valid proof. Many clients often tell me, “There is no way you would have known those things you told me today.” Once the evidence is given, those in spirit will then typically give a message or two that the client is wanting to hear i.e. it could be something as simple as, “ I am fine” or “I am proud of you” or what ever the situation may be in ones life at that time.
Hopefully this brief outline on Evidential Mediumship will clear the air on one avenue of Mediumship. There are many Mediums out there today so, take the time to seek out one that best suits your needs. A simple message can be worth a thousand words.

Author's Bio: 

Located in Cleveland, Ohio Debora is an Intuitive Evidential Medium with over 30 years of awareness. An ordained Spiritualist Minister through the City of Light Spiritualist Church located in Lily Dale, N.Y. Debora chose this ordination because she believes strongly in the foundation of Spiritualism. Debora teaches Spiritual development classes on varies topics and holds a traditional Spiritualist style home circle.
Currently Debora is accepting private readings by appointment only. For more information please visit her website at: