An unconsidered (unexamined) life is not worth living- Socrates
Have you ever gotten into your car or an airplane, without knowing where you are going? Yet, we often do that with our lives; we start a career, relationship, business, etc and then forget to check where we are going, and what we want out of life! No wonder many have a mid life crisis! If we don’t know where we want to be, how we are ever going to get there!

As Socrates said “an unconsidered life is not worth living”, how sad that many waste their talents and skills, all because they never take the time to figure out what they want and which direction they want to go. We seem to be so busy, as if being busy makes us more productive, and get’s us to our destination faster! Many end up being stressed, because they don’t take the time to think about how to improve their working habits, like manage their time better, or how to delegate or plan the day. These people live their lives subject to the actions, choices and what’s important to others.

Take time out in the day to reflect on how you feel about where you are right now, and what you would like to achieve in life, a journal is also useful in discovering your inner desires, what’s important to you as well as discovering where you want to go. One of the benefits of coaching is that a coach will work with you to identify those areas that can be changed or improved so that you have a life that’s lived with focus and purpose.

What is coaching and how does it work:
I often have people asking me to explain what coaching is. The best way to explain coaching (whether it is personal; business or executive coaching) is by comparing it to a sport’s coach. A sport’s coach is one who is trained in specific skills and has knowledge about how to improve and increase the sport’s player’s ability (let’s call him Jim) to succeed. He or she would work with Jim to identify areas of potential growth. A coach would have a unique perspective which allows them to see a side of Jim that cannot be seen by Jim himself. A coach is trained on a specific methodology and would utilise this expertise to enhance the performance of Jim. Without the coach, Jim can be an adequate player, he will still play the game, and may even win a couple games, but if Jim wants to truly succeed, and achieve something extraordinary a coach is essential. A personal coach works in the same way with a client. Make sure you choose a coach that is trained and has the expertise to provide insight and value to you. There are numerous areas that you can work on with a personal coach, from vision formation, to managing stress to business success, to time management.

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