The angels are perhaps the oldest divine evolution. They were created as angles of God's consciousness, long before the Christed evolution of which man is a part. The word angel means “messenger,” from the Greek “angelos.”

Angels evolve into greater and greater levels of consciousness, service and responsibility. When angels graduate to the rank of archangels, they receive the gift of free will.
Many angels have embodied in human form and walk among us, as the scripture says: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Some remember their divine estate, though most do not, having taken on much human karma.

During the great rebellion, Lucifer and one third of the angels fell into lower levels of consciousness. They were ultimately cast out of the etheric plane by Michael and his angels, into the physical and astral planes, where they made war with the “woman and her seed.” This was their warfare against the newly formed Christed evolution on earth and other planets. The book Dialogues with the Devil by Taylor Caldwell, who was able to read the akashic records, gives us an in depth perspective on what happened. At the time of the fall, many angels also volunteered to come into embodiment to rescue their fallen brethren and assist the Christed evolution. Some made it home to God through the ascension, while many others are still here.

There are many angels that we can work with, who will help us in our life. Some are very well known, like the seven archangels, or our own guardian angel. Let me introduce you below to some of the other angels that are helpful to work with:

There is an angel described in the Book of Revelation as one who is clothed with a cloud, and a rainbow on his head and in his hand a little book. This angel would help us to exalt our co-creativity with God through free will. He also brings the initiation of truth to all who call upon him.

The Angel Deva of the Jade Temple brings the flame of healing to all who call upon him. He invites us to meditate on a great lotus of white fire around ourselves that will infuse our senses with the purity of God. We can call upon him to charge our jade jewelry with his momentum of purity and healing.

Listening Angel is the angel who listens to prayers, to our innermost thoughts and heart yearnings and carries these prayers back to our Father-Mother God. Listening Angel and her legions bring comfort, wisdom and compassion during our times of need. They nurture and respond to the fine sensitivities of children, whose prayers and desire to console their parents is most precious.

The angel who ministered to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane comes to strengthen the body of God upon earth. He comes to strengthen our resolve to do God's will.

The Angel of Listening Grace belongs to a band of angels of the sacred fire who penetrate the consciousness of mankind to remove the patterns of those who would spoil life for others. These angels rally the energies of our being down to the cellular level, and bring hope that will make us whole.

The Angel of Peace is the commander of a band of angels known as the Legion of Peace. This angel assisted Jesus in amplifying the flame of peace during his ministry and will help us do likewise. He will help us overcome atheism, agnosticism and other systems of thought that deny God. We can call to the Angel of Peace to enter the classrooms of the world and to teach the children to pray.

The Angel of the Agony and his legions minister to suffering humanity and bring comfort to those who are dying, as well as to their loved ones, renewing in them a sense of hope for spiritual purpose on the other side of the veil. These angels also help those who are experiencing tremendous physical suffering, especially at the end of life, so they can be able to expand the bliss of heart and soul while simultaneously, intense pain is taking place within the body.

The Angel of the Cosmic Cross of White Fire is the spokesperson for numberless numbers of angels who help us internalize the white fire of God's intense purity, and the intense love of the ruby ray for the healing of the heart. They also help us to internalize the joy of forgiveness for ourselves and for others.

The Angel of the Resurrection is from a band of angels who amplify the victory of souls ascending to the light. He stood by Jesus in the tomb, as Jesus anchored the spiritual light necessary to resurrect his body temple, and he would also stand by us as we accelerate our spiritual consciousness His band of angels carry with them the intense joy of the resurrection. They would transmit that energy to us, until our heart and chakras and cells and atoms become so accelerated with sacred fire that our entire forcefield becomes a whirling sun of light.

The Angel of the Revelation of John the Divine was the being through which Jesus dictated the Book of Revelation to the apostle John. He teaches how to become the fullness of Christ, how to establish the true church and how to overcome divisions in the body of God.

Micah, Angel of Unity, is the son of Archangel Michael. Micah focuses a tremendous concentration of the will and love of God. His job is to expand peace, harmony and unity among the children of God.
Angel who Rolled Away the Stone

The Angel who rolled away the stone from the tomb where Jesus was buried offers his momentum to help us roll away our stones of stumbling, when we call upon him.

Justinius is the leader of the Seraphim, great healers who, when called upon, will release the sacred fire to purge, purify and renew the bloodstream. They also send forth the fire to heal body, mind and soul. The Seraphim have the power of cosmic penetrability and can pass through flesh, thoughts and feelings like streaks of fire. This allows them to transmute the densest substance instantly, to absorb toxins at all levels of being and to leave behind a residue of purity. We can pray for them to heal our loved ones and the planet as a whole.

Servatus oversees legions of healing angels who, with Mother Mary and Raphael, minister to mankind. He would help us overcome the misuses of science in genetic engineering that led to the sinking of Atlantis. Servatus explains that advances in science must be balanced with an accelerated spiritualization. Otherwise, they lead to greater and greater materialism and mechanization that ultimately unleash a karma that mankind cannot withstand. Servatus responds with thousands of angels to even one prayer for personal and planetary wholeness.

The Angels of the Emerald-Teal Ray work with Mother Mary to amplify our ability to cope with life. It is most helpful to call to them daily, for ourselves and for our loved ones.

The Angel of the Presence is the personalized electrode of God for our lifestream, releasing God;s light to us according to our merit, service, and cosmic and karmic timetables.

In the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah, Metatron is the angel who serves the Tree of Life through the sephirot Keter, which represents the highest aspect of the spiritual plane and the Father principle. His brother is said to be Sandalphon, a fiery angel in the midst of heaven who is associated with the sefirot of Malkhut Shekinah, that corresponds to the matter plane and the Mother principle. According to Jewish lore, Moses was led to Sandalphon by another angel named Hardaniel until he could become accustomed to the fire emanating from Sandalphon. Of Sandalphon, the poet Longfellow writes:

Have you read it, the marvellous story
Of Sandalphon, the Angel of Glory,
Sandalphon, the Angel of Prayer?
How, erect, at the outermost gates
Of the City Celestial he waits,
With his feet on the ladder of light,
That, crowded with angels unnumbered,
By Jacob was seen, as he slumbered
Alone in the desert at night?...

Al Hilal is an angel deva who has ministered to the Moslem lightbearers under Archangel Gabriel. He helps every son and daughter of God on the path of the ascension, bringing the light of our prayers and invocations up to God.

Phanuel is mentioned in the Book of Enoch as an angel of exorcism who helps mankind repent, that they might have eternal life. Some sources say Phanuel was the angel who wrestled with Jacob, while others say it was Archangel Michael. We can ask Phanuel to wrestle with our human consciousness until we see the glory of the new day appearing as our unfolding Christ consciousness.

We can also call upon the Mighty Blue Eagle, a formation of blue-lightning angels who assist Archangel Michael in protecting the children of God. The Mighty Blue Eagle is a vast formation that fills the sky, and every feather is a blue flame angel. We can call upon these angels to stand with us twenty four hours a day to enhance our service to the light. These angels are nearly physical and their presence is most tangible.

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