In everybody daily routine life, we will meet some health problem. For example after the lunch or dinner somebody feels disturbing burp, stomach problem or pair and even somebody meets motion problem. If they take some unwanted or health less foods then they can meet these kind of problem. To avoid these kind of problem here we can see some good food habits. Definitely we should avoid taking medicines to make avoid these kind of problem. There are many natural way of treatments available. Always we need to find “Prevention is better than cure”. This Proverb suits for all problems, mostly for health related problems. Even some patient takes alchol to make digest of taken foods. This is a bad way to follow. If they take small level of alchol then there may be no problems. Some people get addicted by those kind of things. To avoid addiction from alchol and unwanted drugs and to avoid unwanted things in food and to get very good health, everyone needs to take fruits in their daily life. “Particularly a Apple in a day”.

Biological Name-Piras Meias. Pomesia it’s a family names for apple. Mostly apples are getting cultivated in cool places. Reddish black apples are very good for health and it gives good energy food the health. Apple purifies the blood. So that we need to take apple regularly in our life. In a research also they find reddish black apple is very good for health. Even we can find green, yellow apples. But in the research also they proved that reddish black skinned apple is very good for health.

Apple contains water, Protein energy, chlorophyll, malic acid, sitric acid, pasparas and it contain many organic acids. So it cures the digest problem which happens. And it cures all kind of stomach upsets. For alcholist, apple reduces the alchol content get mixed in blood. Whisky (one kind of alchol) contains lot of apple flavour in it. So those who are having a habit of drink visky can avoid drinking whisky if they eat lot of apple. Because the fruit apple contains the flavor of the alcoholic contents. So one who regularly take or eat apple can able to forget taking whisky in their life. Apple With the skin, purifies the human blood and it reduces acidic contents which contains in blood.

Those who having stomach upsets and any stomach problem, they can take apple juice without sugar to make themselves to come out from that problem. When we take sugarless apple juice, it convert hydrochloric acid into carbonic acid so that we can avoid digest problem. Malic acid in apple reduce problems in bowel system, and it defuse bactiria’s in digestive path. When we eat apple, it defuse bacteria’s and other Micro organs in our tongue. Aged person can remove the apple skin and eat so that they can eat easily. English proverb “Single Apple a day keeps the doctor away from our life”. All can eat apple. Diabetics patient can also take apple after consulting the doctor.

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