Every day as you open the news portals in Australia, you will come across incidents of car crashes making the headlines. Unfortunately, the average age group facing fatal injuries is teens. The Government has taken many steps to stop this phenomenon to reduce the death toll, but nothing really worked as expected.

This article logs the most prominent reasons behind this phenomenon based on facts.

According to the recent study, the teen groups are exposing themselves to great road risks as a result of --

The Vehicle they are Driving - Teens after getting the L or P license get on the roads with their parents' car, assuming there are fewer risk factors as they know the vehicle very well. This underlying confidence is somehow making them unaware of the situations; they may have to face on the road.

The Time of Driving - The teens don’t really care whether they are drunk, tired, exhausted or under some kind of influence while driving. They are just driving along without bothering much.

The Way of Driving - According to the instructors offering cheap driving lessons in Carrum Downs, their approach to driving is also different from that of the other drivers of that older age group of people. Firstly, they take a huge risk by speeding up their vehicles way too much and then they don't even get their seat belts turned on.

Young People Around the Age 25 get Injured by High Fatality Crashes

This is a purely research-based study found through statistics. According to the research, in the year 2014-2016, 43 cases of car accidents are being filed where the driver was ageing between 20-25. Also, there were around 30 cases of fatal injuries within the year group where the driver's age was about 18-20.

It is often seen that elderly drivers ageing 80 years are included in this list of fatal injuries. However, if at least 10,000 licenses are being thoroughly checked for logging the car crash cases, it will be seen that the age bracket of 25 is still one step ahead. 15% of the injured drivers were male under 25, while 5% of the young female drivers faced fatality situations.

Is Improper Driving Lessons a Reason for Such Incidents?

To some extent, it is considered as one of the main reasons for such incidents. Initially, parents are involved in searching the right driving schools in Dandenong. However, they often do not consider the faculty, the reputation and only go by the price. As a result, the teens do not get proper support from the faculty members at their initial stage, and that's why, they have to face the hit on the road the most.

The right driving lessons do not only empower the young learners to understand the basic traffic rules, but they infuse a sense of confidence in them. They make the young drivers know how they can easily avoid fatal accidents on the road by being cautious and following the safety rules.

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