There’s been a constant rise in the demand of shisha pens in Australia (as well as other parts of the globe).  These portable pens keep coming up in many places, and the probable reason which supports this is – ‘It’s a Safer Way to Smoke!’ Interestingly, many even use shisha pens to smoke or vape in non-smoking places such as bars, pubs and bistros.

All these occurrences emphasise the common notion and begs an explanation whether are they a better alternative? This post presents closure by showering light upon this discussion. So, follow closely!


What Does its Heath Claims Say?

As per health claims, shisha pens contain no tobacco or nicotine. It doesn’t contain tar or any form of toxins which is common in a regular smoke. It’s just an easy-to-carry hookah which provides vapour.

By digging up more, it was found that shisha pens contain two main ingredients, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol and as per medical studies, these ingredients are considered harmless. It also points out that propylene glycol which is odourless and colourless is found in chewing gums, toothpaste, soft drinks, ice-cream and many other regular products.

As for the other ingredient – vegetable glycerine, which helps produces vapour, and it found in sugar-free sweeteners. It is also labelled as harmless.

Busting Its Common MythThere could be a very rational explanation as to why so many consider it as not suitable for consumption. Hookah comes with many health risks and an hour of hookah smoking equals to consuming 100 cigarettes. The combination of hot coal and burning flavoured tobacco produces nasty tar, toxins and hazardous elements which get inhaled with smoke.

But if one shops from a reputable supplier of vaporisers in Australia, they will get pens with no such health ill-effects. The smoke inhaled will be nothing but a cloud of cold steam. There will be no tar or nicotine, just its taste for a realistic smoking experience.

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So Does It Mean It Is For Everyone?

Not quite. With every product one buys, there are always some considerations to keep in mind. And it’s no different for shisha pens. People who are suffering from diabetes, allergies, or breathing problems should speak to their doctors before choosing to use them.  As for those who have minor medical complications, they should routinely monitor their health condition.

Expecting Women Should NOT Go For It As It May Prove Fatal For Their Unborn Child.

The Final Verdict!

With facts right in front of everyone, there’s no controversy in declaring shisha pens as a better alternative to normal smoking. As per legal terms, a person is not allowed to use it at a minor age. But those above 18 can use it without over thinking. So the verdict is made!

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As words of farewell, one should always choose a reputable supplier. The products on offer come with quality-tested guarantees, and if lucky, one can also get attractive discounts on their purchase.

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