Keep Those Six-Legged Pests Out Of Your Dog's Food: Are you looking for information on how to get rid of Ants? You've came to the right place. Part 1 of How To Get Rid of Ants will help you do just that. Don't you just hate pests, especially ants! They can invade a home for just a few crumbs that rolled under the refrigerator. Then when you have to clean them you have to make sure there aren't on anything important and keep it away from your pets and kids. The steps below will give you some helpful hints that will help avoid that exterminator bill.

Step 1: Start with smart storage. Dog food should be emptied from the bag it was purchased in into a large plastic or rubber container that has a locking lid. When scooping the dog food out of this container, be sure you don't drop any little nibbles on the ground. If possible, store dog food inside in a utility room or pantry closet.

Step 2: Avoid chemical warfare against the ants. There are many products on the market that claim to rid ants from your home permanently. The only problem is that they tend to be full of chemicals that aren't safe for animals, or small children for that matter. It can be difficult to wash away the chemicals once you've obliterated the ants.

Step 3: Take advantage of the ants' weakness. You've probably never seen an ant swimming. That's because the species of ants that live here and eat our dog's food can't swim! Ants can't eat what they can't get reach so it's time to make the food unreachable by building a moat. Start by putting a rectangular or square container on the ground. The container can be made of plastic or aluminum.

Set a brick in the center of the container and then fill the container around the brick with water or vegetable oil. Then, set a bowl that you intend to fill with dog food on top of the brick. The ants will not be able to swim through the water or vegetable oil to reach the bowl of food. If you don't feel like creating this moat structure, or one similar to it, you can usually purchase them at pet stores.

Ants can cause all kinds of problems but if you'll follow the simple tips above you'll be on your way to keeping ants out of your dog's food.

Are you looking for information on how to get rid of ants? Nobody likes to deal with ants when you're just trying to kick back and relax at home or at a family event. Part two of How To Get Rids of Ants will help you do just that.

Step 4: Don't try finding the source. Many people go on a mad rampage in the heat of an ant invasion. They think they can find the source of the ants and then stomp and step until they've done away with the whole colony. Within a few short days they're greeted with the thick black trail once again; it's hard to kill all of the ants. They are tricky little devils and will cause a lot of trouble if left unattended.

Step 5: Bring in reinforcements. For the first few days, you might want to guarantee the ants don't invade again by adding some extra protection around the dog's bowl. You can trace a line of liquid dish soap, a bar of soap or Vaseline around the dog's bowl. Supposedly, the ants won't cross enemy lines if these products are in the way.

Step 6: Clear away the trail. Once you've created or purchased a moat for your dog's food to be served in, you'll need to wash away the ant trail with hot soapy water. Although the ants won't be able to get across the moat, they might still find their way to the dog's bowl if you don't clear their trail. Luckily, ants aren't capable of finding their trail once it's been washed away. No GPS in ant land! There is nothing worse for your dog than to find a bowl full of Ants when they are trying to get a bite of food.

The steps above should keep your dog and his food from being invaded again. If ants continue to find a way into your home you can have peace of mind that they won't get near the dog's food. If you will follow the simple steps above you'll be well on your way to getting rid of those unwanted ants. Unfortunately, if ants continue to find a way into your home, they'll set their sights on something else, it might be time to call an exterminator! Since that can cost you hundreds of dollars it would be much better on your pocket book if you solved the ant problem before it gets to the point of calling an professional pest control Melbourne.

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