Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Do you want to cancel a flight with Delta Airlines and wondering about its possibility? Here the good news for you is that yes, it’s possible to do so via manage booking. Delta follows a separate policy that explains the terms & conditions for canceling a flight with them. Further, if you want to know how to cancel the Delta flight? and the rules followed by them for ticket cancellation, go through the information given below.


Can you cancel a flight with Delta Airlines?

  • You can cancel a flight with Delta within 24 hours without paying any extra charge that is known as cancellation fee.
  • You can still cancel a flight with Delta if a stipulated 24 hours period exceeds but in this case you have to pay the flight cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation fee charged by Delta Airlines for providing flight cancellation services is 200 dollars. This fee may increase further, on the basis fare rule followed by a particular airline.
  • Submit refund requests to Delta either online or by contacting their call center to receive your refund from them.
  • The ticket amount is refunded in the payment mode used by passengers during ticket booking in case of before 24 hours cancellation.
  • In case of after 24 hours cancellation, Delta Airlines deduct the cancellation fee from the original ticket amount and then refund it back.


Delta cancellation process:

As you already know that you can apply for cancellation online via manage booking. Other than that you can also contact their reservations support team regarding ticket cancellationNow if you are wondering Manage Delta Airlines booking and apply for ticket cancellation, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the Delta website from your browser and find My Trips
  • Open My trips and type your booking reference ID
  • Then enter the first and last name of the passenger and tap enter
  • All your booking with Delta will appear on the screen
  • Open the once you want to cancel and tap the cancel button given next to it
  • Then Delta will send you a message providing canceled ticket details

If you want to know more about Delta cancellation policy get in touch with their customer care team.

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