There is an incredible energy and power within each of us just waiting to be unleashed by our Core Desires-I call it the Conquering Force.

To conquer is to get what we seek or overcome obstacles by physical, mental, or moral force. And force is the power to act effectively and to move against resistance. And so your Conquering Force is your innate ability to act effectively to get what you seek by overcoming all obstacles and resistance in your way. By tapping into the Conquering Force, we can achieve amazing results.

What portion of your "potential being" do you occupy? What part of your "soul's resources" do you use? Would you like to know the source of all success? Would you like to make better use of your resources; achieve what you most desire to be, have, and do in life; and gain greater success and fulfillment in your life and work?

When you unleash the Conquering Force you will achieve your Core Desires. Here's an example. When my wife wanted a piano, we bought, rebuilt, and refinished an old piano. It quickly became a beautiful and treasured piece of furniture. The only problem was that it didn't come with a bench. After searching to no avail for the right bench, my wife decided she'd just have to make one. She didn't know the first thing about making a piano bench, but it was a Core Desire. She really wanted a matching bench, with the same kind of carving on the legs, the same rich patina, and the same styling, even though the piano was over a hundred years old. So she signed up for a woodworking course at a local technical college. She learned how to use power saws, joiners, routers, drills, and wood lathes. She learned all about dowels, glues, carving, and wood finishes.

Within six weeks, her piano bench was born. It has since become a beautiful part of our home. By choosing just the right finish, she was able to match the piano in color, and the leg styling was an interpretation of that gracing the old piano.

The day she started to work on the bench, her gratification was instantaneous-because she was doing what she wanted. She enjoyed the whole process. She never said, "I hate to go down to the shop," or "This isn't any fun." Since the bench was a Core Desire, she simply drove to the shop each week and learned how to do what was needed. She was excited to do so-she could hardly wait to get there and find out what she didn't know. She enjoyed nearly every minute of it. The final product was a few weeks away, but there was constant gratification. When you pursue Core Desires, you gain gratification every step of the way because you are working toward an end result you really want.

There were things she didn't like about the bench-making process. She didn't enjoy the time she hurt her hand or got dirt and dark stains under her nails from the wood finish. She even ruined two bench legs and had to start over, but that setback didn't stop her. Her Core Desire was genuine, and it automatically kept her motivated.

When you identify and focus on your Core Desires, you unleash the Conquering Force-that potent, God-given force that causes everyone to accomplish everything and anything. Your past cannot control your future unless you let it.

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Jack M. Zufelt is a bestselling author and has achieved worldwide recognition for teaching people the true cause of all achievement. His life's mission is to impart the truth about-and dispel the myths surrounding-success and achievement. Want to achieve better results? How about live a fuller life with more happiness, joy, and satisfaction? Discover Jack's DNA of Success and live the life you've always wanted... Click Here ->