Are others sabotaging your quest for abundance?

Interesting question!

It appears there are many who are struggling to discover that abundance is our birthright even after a lifetime of searching.

Moreover, for all the millions of brave warrior souls who are somewhere on the path to manifesting their divine inheritance (learning the techniques and the attitudes required) there is a double task.

Firstly they have to acquire the 'mindset', to let in the affluence that they desire. It may take years of patient mentoring before they are capable of assuring a constant flow of abundance.
It can be the most daunting and liberating task of a single lifetime.

And then there's the thing with 'others'. Not only do pursuers of dreams have to become empowered masters of their own financial destiny, but they have to somehow get it synchronised with their nearest and dearest.

The management of money in families is a well-documented source of contention between couples (along with sex and children) and can even lead to separation! It is one of the stickiest areas of a relationship to resolve.

At worst, one partner is busy learning about the law of attraction, the internet revolution, their purpose, their personal fulfilment and butting up against a partner who is neither interested in nor amenable to the possibilities of divine inheritance.

At best, the couple or family will be exploring together how to succeed in the quirky world of monergy flow. If this is the case, even with close, communicative couples, there is much harmonising to do. Even when they are both learning the arts of deliberate creation, it is highly likely that they will be creating different projections about money, because no two people can have the same thoughts about money! At all times they are thinking and observing different things!

We all know how important and challenging it is to have mind-mastery over our individual destinies. We cannot begin to control the destinies of our nearest and dearest! One can be physically spending money as fast as the other is mentally making it. One can be energetic and optimistic but find their energy wane thanks to their partner's droopy-gloomy attitude.

The most challenging situation is that of an avid disciple of personal empowerment sharing their quest with family and friends who are not in the same mind-set. Discussing self-mastery with those who are still stuck in the rut of the victim, is tough. The scorn of those you live with over your cherished path can be enough to halt you abruptly in your progress. It is a struggle maintaining the energy of optimism when all about you exude cynicism and disbelief. There are millions of people who go no further with their dreams because the effort of doing so in the face of incredulity, is just too much.

So, if this is the case, you have to learn the art of designing a completely private, personal vision to build a unshakeable belief in yourself. You must believe your vision in your DNA or nobody else will. You must boost yourself continually with the means to achieve what you desire or nobody else will.

Share your dreams with those who will believe in them with you. It is not sufficient to just connect with 'like-minded' people from time to time, it is essential to select and cultivate friendships and connections that will share your vision for yourself and wish for your fulfilment as much as you do. Spending the maximum time in their energy will make you feel boosted and cheered on from the sidelines. It may mean leaving the proximity of those who do not share your vision of the world and seeking out those who do.

Some people may not be willing to rupture their relationships to pursue a personal quest and it will depend upon the passion of the mission and the consistency of the obstruction. Whether you are prepared to pursue your authenticity by making profound changes in your life or whether you prefer to stow away your visions in a bottom drawer until the next life, is a critical choice.

And in the thrilling and delightful case of partners who are adventuring in the same vision together and sharing a common aim, the most benevolent way to harmonise intentions and align energy *is to bring it intelligently into the the triangle of the quantum heart-space and the win-win-win embrace of the Beloved.
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Author's Bio: 

Dream Warrior Jenni P and her beloved partner Dzai are authors, guides and performers dedicated to helping people fulfil their dreams.

Desiring to innovate a brand new approach to the connection between maintaining healthy vibrational alignment and dream fulfilment, they delved into their hearts, wisdom and created the highly original and entertaining Quantum Heart-space shared abundance project. It is based on the tenet...

'In the ennobling task of enabling another your own majesty shines forth'

and can be applied to any area of life where there is a desire for growth.