Inherent within the human spirit is the desire for fulfillment, a longing to carry out our creative aspirations by reaching new heights of accomplishment. Yet, often the yearning can be suppressed by fear. Perhaps we aren’t feeling good enough, smart enough or able enough to pursue and fulfill our dreams.

If you are contemplating a change in your career direction or wish to enhance your business to a higher level, but are hesitant to make the transition, let me assure you that it is never too late to choose anew. As a matter of fact, many people change career directions several times throughout a lifetime and some don't even discover their true passions until much later in life. If you are not living your career dreams and have been putting them aside because you're terrified of trying something new, now is the time to take a stand.

Stepping Outside of your Comfort Zone

The one inevitable way you won't make your dreams a reality is by ignoring them. To bring them into actuality, one simply needs to step out and begin living them. There are no magical answers and no formulas prescribed with guarantees. There are only opportunities. You merely have to make a decision that you are going to do it and then follow through. Be assured though you’ll be called upon to express boldness as well as a willingness to take chances, but the key to reinventing yourself requires the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. How else will you know what you're made of or what you're capable of, if you don't explore your potential?

Not long ago, I met with a young lady who requested my assistance with a career move. She had a good deal of web designing expertise as well as content writing experience, but she didn’t know how to move forward. In spite of the fact that she was involved in a myriad of creative endeavors on a consistent basis, in her work environment, she was still acknowledged as the “Secretary.” Of course there’s nothing wrong with being a Secretary, but the time had come for her to disconnect from that identity. As a very talented young woman the only thing holding her back was her lack of confidence, which kept her from stepping into her new role. After our meeting, I redesigned her resume and encouraged her in a new direction. I’m happy to report that she’s now living her career dreams.

Having the Courage to Move Forward

Having the courage to leave your comfort zone by doing what you feel is right, despite your fears and uncertainties, is demonstrating a commitment to yourself. Of course you'll have your moments and possibly doubt yourself at times, but remember nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you really want to live your career dreams, it is highly recommended that you not allow fear to prevent you from living your dreams, but simply give yourself permission to do the very thing you've wanted to do all your life.

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