Recently, Susan Boyle, an unemployed forty-seven year old single woman from the small village of Blackburn, Scotland decided to compete in the television program, “Britain’s Got Talent.” She did not look like the typical “star quality” contestant. So, when she first walked out on the stage, the audience and judges started laughing and giving her cynical looks. Then she sang. The audience and judges were instantly won over and she continued to the next round of competition. Because the program was on television and the video of her program appeared on YouTube, she won over millions of additional fans with her unique talent. Whether she wins the competition or not, she already won by living her dream. By taking the bold step of competing, Susan won over millions while creating unlimited opportunities to sing her song of success.

So I ask you the following:

Are You Singing Your Song of Success?
Are you letting your song of success go silent?

The following are five secrets that will guarantee that your song of success is heard and you can also live your dreams:

1. Create Powerful Goals to Be Successful
Take the time to set clear, concise life and success goals that you can be excited about on a daily basis. Refer to your goals every day so that you can stay on course to achieve your dreams. Make your goals S-M-A-R-T-E-R: specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, time-based, encouraging, and rewarded.

2. Develop Your Positive Expectations to Be Successful
Even as the audience was laughing about what to expect, the judge asked her which singer’s level fame she wanted to attain. Susan answered, without hesitation: Elaine Page, one of the most famous English singers of all time. This drew more laughter and skeptical looks. Then she sang and over the skeptical looks changed to awe. In Susan Boyle’s mind, she was as good as the best singer in England. She had already developed her positive expectations to be a great singer and wouldn’t allow anyone to deter her from her goal.

What are your positive expectations for success? If someone were to ask you what career or life goals you want to achieve, would you be able to communicate it without hesitation? Develop your positive expectations so that you can move forward with your goals in the face of opposition.

3. Follow Your Passion to Be Successful
Susan’s passion since she was twelve years old was singing. When she walked out of the stage, the excitement and enthusiasm at being given the opportunity to do what she loved showed in the way she talked, walked, and finally sang.

Is there something you are passionate about? Is it a hobby? Is it a business opportunity? Is it a career opportunity? Let your passion for what you what show. Your passion will knock down barriers and create new opportunities for you. Your passion will keep you going even during the darkest times and elevate you even more during good times. Coleman Cox once said the following:

“When enthusiasm is inspired by reason, is practical in application, reflects confidence, and spreads good cheer, raises morale, inspires associates, arouses loyalty, and laughs at adversity, it is beyond price.”

Be passionate about the goals you what to achieve. Let your enthusiasm be your weapon against naysayers and cynics in life and you will achieve your goals.

4. Be True to Yourself to Be Successful
When Susan walked out on the stage and conversed with the judges, it was clear that she had a very unique personality. However, in spite of being in a high-pressure situation, in front of thousands of audience members, millions of television watchers, and the judges, she was comfortable in her own skin and true to herself. She wasn’t going to change who she was because of this very important moment in her life. She was even more true to herself under pressure.

How many times have you felt pressure to change who you are to be successful? This may occur at work, in business, or with your family. True success comes from staying who you are while achieving success. How many times have you heard stories about people who “sold their soul” so that they can be successful and later become even bigger failures? Stay true to your values in the face of pressure and you will become successful.

5. Be Persistent to Be Successful
You will meet many roadblocks on your way to achieving your goals and living your dreams. You may never be given the opportunity to succeed, but be persistent. You ideas may be discredited, but be persistent. You may be laughed at for believing in your goals like Susan Boyle, but be persistent.

Realize that many people do not hold the same dreams and goals that you believe in. When you are persistent, you will find the energy to pursue your goals in spite of others who are negative toward your dreams. By being persistent in achieving your goals, you will win over allies who will help you achieve your dreams.

Bonus Tip: Have fun along the way to success.. Susan looked like she was having fun in the moment no matter what happened. Have fun along your journey of success and it will make your trip that much more enjoyable.

Apply the five success secrets at your business, your career, and your life in the face of all obstacles and you can live your dreams. Susan is singing her song of success; why not let your song be heard?

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