"In action lies wisdom and confidence." Albert Schweitzer

"...courage is only an accumulation of small steps." George Konrad

"I've never been afraid to step out and to move out in order to make things happen." Victoria Gray

Thinking it Through...

I love the world of ideas. That pure, perfect energetic world where anything can be created and obstacles are unheard of. I'm good at playing in that world. I love hearing other people's ideas and I enjoy thinking up my own. There is no argument that the world of ideas is wonderful but taking permanent residence in "idea land" can become a problem. What I have found is that if I stay too long in the "idea stage" the idea becomes stale and bitter causing me to not even want to think about it. The idea that once was energizing becomes an energy drain!

The only cure I have found is to begin the messy work of taking steps to move the idea into reality. It is messy because the minute I take action to create what I have envisioned my "monkey mind" starts chattering. It says "helpful" things like "This will never work." "I think you can come up with a better idea." "There are too many problems with this idea." or the particularly encouraging, "You're an idiot and all your ideas are doomed for failure!" Taking action is also messy because when I take action that is when I find obstacles and things I need to change. Over time I have learned to hang in there because when I keep taking action a beautiful thing happens...My idea gives me energy again. Even though I come up against problems I feel excited because I am creating and creating is one of the aspects of life that makes it worth living.


1. What idea do you have that has become stale and bitter due to inaction?

2. What small step can you take towards creating this idea?

3. Every day for a week take at least one action step to create your idea. At the end of the week notice how you feel.

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