We are a society that is filled with attachments. We love our technology; we have to feel connected to the rest of the world at all times. When we try to evolve ourselves we learn to release. Sometimes when we release one thing, we become attached to something else. You also have to stop and ask yourself; is this device helping my life or hindering it? Is (name whatever it is) consuming all of my time and energy?
This plays out most famously when you try to release an attachment to smoking, drinking, food, or any other vise you might have. Sometimes is you try and rid yourself of one bad habit, you might pick up another one.
We can also look at the young people who died trying to retrieve a cell phone that had fallen into the Chicago River. This was such a tragedy, but also goes along with those who have passed away as a result of texting. Is that device worth your life or the life of others?
We also get attached to feelings. We can observe ourselves and notice our reaction to certain people walking into a room, and the feelings associated with them. Do certain people rub you the wrong way? Are you attached to that person? How are you attached to that person? If you are attached to that person then you have titles and labels attached to them. Not to mention the expectations that goes with it. Just think long and hard about the labels and titles associated with all you know.
In order to release something you have to acknowledge that attachment that you have to it.
You can also get attached to other people’s way of life, such as movie stars. You can get attached to the material things that life has to offer. You can also get emotionally attached to people, places and things. To find out how attached you are to something, just remove it from your life and you will find your answer.
Here are some important questions. Can I live without it? What purpose is this serving me? Is it hampering my own personal growth? Am I strong enough to release this from my life and not find a substitute for it?
I am sending prayers to the family and friends of the young adults who lost their lives. It is my best wishes that others might learn from them.

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