Have you been yearning to meet your soul mate but often find yourself disappointed in a love relationship? Do you sometimes wonder if you are doing something wrong or fear you will never ever find the “right one’?

In the art and endeavor of attracting a soul mate we are provided with possibilities that may not be readily apparent, both on a material and spiritual plane. It is an opportunity to see if we are living our lives from conscious awareness or simply being swept along in the unconscious flow that often brings pain and disillusionment.

If an in-depth connected relationship has eluded you, first look to who and what you have attracted to date.

What understandings have your relationships so far brought you about your own needs to be loved, to be committed, your beliefs in your loveability, or your ability to give of yourself?
Whenever a relationship ends, for whatever reason, the soul purpose that drew the two people together is either completed or postponed.

If it is postponed, the lessons of that relationship will surely return, often in a more dramatic form.
So whenever a romantic relationship ends, then is the essential time for you to evaluate your own hurt places, your judgments of yourself and past partners. Here is the chance to embrace forgiveness and be grateful for those you attracted to you as the teachers they truly are.

As you become the conscious ( and non- judgmental) witness of your own process you begin to truly claim the power of the law of conscious attraction. Knowingness of your own patterns, needs, easily touched wounds and places to grow will help you become clear about who you now draw to you.
Then, by creating a conscious vision of the relationship that best serves you, you stay in the power of your most elevated self, one that believes in the divine being you are who deserves the joy of deep connection with another.

Remember that your ego/personality cannot see the relationship that is right for you nor the clear route to getting there, but your soul can. Trust the limitless vision of your higher self. Continue to affirm openness and receptivity to that individual who is yet to be manifested for she/he may not appear as your ego mind has defined.

And as you maintain awareness of your process, hold to the practice of giving more love in all areas of your life. Being in the flow of unconditional love to ourselves and others creates Universal connectedness and will draw to you ever increasing love in EVERY relationship you create.

Author's Bio: 

Lucille Ann Meltz, MSED, MA, www.ltl-light.com is owner of Arc of Light, Practical Spirituality. A highly experienced trainer on spiritual themes, a personal coach ( “Touch the Soul Coaching” ), published writer, group facilitator, guided meditation leader and public speaker, Lucille inspires, guides and helps others integrate their spiritual self into everyday reality with deep love, insight and intuitive understanding. Lucille is also the creator of the guided meditation CD “ A Little Light Into Your Soul” with a free sample available on her web site.
Additionally, Lucille Ann is a trained professional hand analyst helping individuals discover their Life Purpose and Life Lessons through the ancient esoteric art of hand analysis. Her many clients and students call her work “ inspirational, profoundly loving and life-changing.”