Everyone wants to standout with their marketing; but why is it then, that the multitude of activities you’re engaging in aren’t easily attracting your best clients & customers? You’re putting in the time, money and energy; so, isn’t it time you stand out in a bigger way, make a bigger impact and see the ROI? In this interactive discussion, Authentic Brand Strategist™ Katherine Morales, APR, will show you how to effectively market your business, stop waiting for your success and start making it!

You’ll learn how-to:
- · Take the essential steps for more effective marketing
- · Discover the power of your own authenticity
- · Choose the right marketing channels to grow your business
-  And, finally end the hustle and pressure of marketing to find your drive and flow.
Speaker Bio

Katherine Morales, APR, Authentic Brand Strategist™, is an award-winning, accredited PR/marketing consultant and recognized “trailblazer” in the communications industry. As founder of Inflection Point Communications, she helps entrepreneurs to connect with the best customers and clients to grow their business. She’s worked with major corporations including Chick-fil-A, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Bayer CropScience; and, now she helps businesses discover the secret to growing their brands too! Specializing in authentic brand building, intentional marketing, reputation management and strategic communications planning, Katherine shows entrepreneurs how to fuel their best marketing, build their base and reach their inflection point!

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Event Information:
Start Date: 07/15/2020 08:00 AM
End Date: 07/15/2020 10:00 AM
Timezone: US/Eastern, Informal Networking 0800 AM
Location: Online Event - Zoom
Chapter: Long Island, NY

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