Whether you have recently become a parent, or have been a parent for a few months now, you are aware that baby's safety and comfort are essential criteria in the acquisition of its equipment. However, when the time comes to buy them, several questions arise: what is essential and what is not essential during the very first weeks of an infant's life? What standards should not be overlooked? Where to buy? GEAR DEPOT dedicated to giving you the very best prices, with a focus on specialty products across a range of market categories.

Which materials to prefer and above all, how to be sure of the quality of such and such a product? Being a mother herself, Mathilde offers to answer all these questions with precision, and under the advice acquired during her own experience.

Thus, in her section entirely reserved for babies, Mathilde brings together several baby equipment that it will not always be easy for you to sort on the market. To do this, she studies all stages of baby's growth and assigns, for each of these stages, a particular product. You will therefore easily find in this article, buying guides dedicated to the acquisition of baby bathtubs, travel pots, baby cribs, nasal aspirators, floats or awakening mats.

In short, the choice is varied. High quality and reliability products have also been carefully selected to avoid wasting too much time in their comparisons. And as you may have guessed, very specific tests and studies were taken into account during our selection. You, therefore, do not run the risk of finding doubtful, fragile or even equipment not recommended by professionals in the field.

From preparing for the baby's arrival until his first months of independence, you will find everything you will need in this section. The goal is to allow you to organize yourself as well as possible for the reception, but also the care dedicated to your newborn.

It is for this reason that Mathilde also thinks of guiding you in the best choice of formulas for a baby for example. In this article, in particular, it helps you choose the best way to feed your child while addressing only the best offers, the most recommended pediatricians.

However, Mathilde does not stop there. As she, herself, went through 2 pregnancies, she is more than aware of the difficulty of mothers to take care of them during the period of pregnancy and maternity. Indeed, depending on your lifestyle or your body, you may need more care than others. As the doctors can just give you the list of equipment to buy, they will not assist you in the choice of these.

This is why our expert also approaches this subject with mastery. Among other things, she offers articles for maternity belts, the purpose of which is to maintain the weight of the pregnant woman's belly and thus relieve her of a weight. Or, breastfeeding supports to facilitate this phase of motherhood. You will also come across buying guides dedicated to monitors that will allow both mom and dad to keep an eye on baby at all times.

Like all the sections already presented on this site, our expert does not just give you buying guides. It goes further by advising on use, histories or by listing the advantages of using a particular product. A kind of assistance, therefore, that you will not find everywhere.

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