Basic Principles of Trading In Forex:
All traders, who join Forex, strive to achieve the best results. However, to trade with profits, traders must know and follow some Forex principles.

  • Have your own trading strategy: Develop your system, which is based on several significant factors for Forex trading.
  • Control your emotions: Unstable emotional conditions can interfere with the decision making process. Learn how to control emotions and desires.
  • Have your own historical data: Write down where the circumstances and factors are your decision to open/close the order based on your comments in each situation. Constantly review the results of your work.
  • Learn from your mistakes: Analysis and working on mistakes is one of the most important components of successful trading. It is important to be self-critical in losing position analysis. After dealing with a loss position, you can avoid repeating these mistakes.
  • Don't trade without reason: Don't open a trading platform just because you have nothing else to do or you can't fall asleep. Trading only if there is a factor that justifies the action.
  • Work and think for yourself: Instructions from others can help, but not while trading on Forex. You can consider advice from experienced traders, but don't just follow it without thinking. Progress will only appear when you make your own analysis, develop your own strategy, and only depend on your decision.
  • Trade if only you are sure about it: It's better to wait for the right time to enter the market than to open order when you don't understand the situation. If you don't feel confident, you better not take risks. Some missing pips cannot be compared to large losses, which may be caused by rash actions. Just open the order later, the market won't work.
  • Limit your risk: Use for trading only a certain amount of money, a loss that will not cause a shortage of family budget.
  • Be careful with initial success: Don't lose your head from happiness just because it gains a few hundred dollars.
  • Don't trade with the market: With a lack of experience, it's better not to take risks. In the process of price movements in a certain direction, the market starts jumping up / down. To learn how to use short-term fluctuations, you must gain experience, thereby minimizing risk.
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