Are you a person who has a natural tendency to become timid and shy around other people? Are you usually afflicted with stage fright whenever you have to get on stage or address an audience? Are you planning on going into a career field that involves delivering public speeches? There is assistance available to you in regard to overcoming your fear of addressing an audience. By reading this article, you will learn how to deliver a public speech with confidence.

The first step you can take to become a confident public speaker is to directly acquire the professional assistance you require. One excellent way to do this is to enroll in public speaking classes. Make an attempt to acquire guidance from professional public speakers.

Another step you are able to incorporate is to choose material you are comfortable talking about. Although you may not possess the option of directly choosing the subject you present a speech on, you can choose to discuss details or items you are familiar with. For example, if you are supposed to present a speech on domestic animals but you have expertise on dogs, why not base your speech on dogs?

You set the stage for the direction your speech goes. You possess control over how well your speech is presented and how quickly it is delivered. As they say, “The ball is in your court.”

You will tremendously help yourself develop confidence as a public speaker by rehearsing each speech you write. One way you can rehearse is to practice presenting your speech alone while visualizing an audience being in front of you.

The second method is to rehearse alone while having a tape recorder on. Once you are finished and turn the tape recorder on, pay close attention to how you sound. Do you sound relaxed, confident and in control? Do you appear to know what you are talking about?

The third and potentially best method is to practice your speech on someone. If you are taking a public speaking course, why not rehearse with a classmate? Your classmates are people who are knowledgeable about how to effectively present a speech and they can give you powerful guidance.

Make a serious effort to make yourself and your audience comfortable by putting special care into how you begin your speech. Before you present your speech, you can lighten everyone’s mood by using humor and telling a joke that is related to some current events. It is necessary to start each speech with an introduction that reveals what the speech is about and what you intend to accomplish.

Present your speech with a comfortable tempo. If you feel excited or rushed, pause.

A good composure will help you gain confidence and persuade your audience to take the actions you want them to take. Stand up straight without your elbows crossed and do not look at your notes constantly. Smile and look at the entire audience. Feel comfortable to walk around some.

Use these guidelines to become a confident public speaker!

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