Using a custom box can bring many benefits to you and your business. You can save more money, gain more publicity, and make a more professional impression when you opt for custom box printing. Most large companies use these boxes for multiple benefits.

1. Add a professional touch to your business

Wondering how to show your professionalism with customized boxes? An example might be the printing of your physical business address, as well as your company logo, contact number, and email address.

2. You get the perfect size for your product

One of the most significant advantages is that you can choose the size that works best for you or your product. This will save you a lot of money by reducing the required packaging material. Additionally, you will save money by buying smaller boxes.

3. It looks great!

Choosing custom box printing looks much better than a simple brown box with no design; Just compare the custom box that has a specific logo, company name, contact number with the standard brown straight square box.

How to get custom boxes

After deciding to choose custom boxes, it's time to think about getting the custom boxes and designsthat will speak well about your brand.

Think about design and inspiration.

When looking for boxes on custom box websites, you can make edits and decide the bestbox, think about the other things like the color, where the logo will be placed, phone number and size. Find a custom box manufacturer
After having your design in mind, find a good custom box printing manufacturer in next step. Go online and look for custom box makers, contact them, and share the details of your project with them so they can give you a quote.

Tips for creating custom frames

• Have you ever heard of flute size? Flute size is the thickness of a cardboard pad
• You can choose from top materials like Kemi White, Kraft, and White to make your box.

Kemi boxes consist of a clay-lined substrate that looks great and also helps prevent the paint from entering the coating and creating a shiny finish.
White is a little more expensive; Indeed, you get higher print quality.
Kraft, the most common of these three: it is the cheap brown in a color box made from recycled materials.

• The most commonly used style of frame is mailer; you can use it on your boxes. But it is essential to add that not all mailers are created the same way, so if you want to make sure you get the mailer you wish to, lookout for a few samples to see which one is best.

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