Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, have some annoying attributes that make them hated by gardens and homeowners. Although similar to rats, woodchucks have destructive capabilities, damaging trunks, trees, and anything they gnaw at.

Oftentimes, people search for the best woodchuck bait to get rid of these small animals. In this article, we will explain the different types of baits for a woodchuck, choosing the best bait for woodchucks, and other things you need to trap a woodchuck.

Although many market woodchuck repellants or deterrents as mechanisms to get rid of these animals, using bait for woodchucks is the most effective. Repellants only work temporarily and are not the best way of combating groundhogs.

Types of baits

There are various baits for a woodchuck, ranging from food baits to professional baits and other products to lure critters. Before you select any woodchuck bait, you should research the different types and know how they function. Below are the most popular baits for groundhogs.

Professional Baits This is a method of baiting woodchuck commonly used by people due to its convenience of use and effectiveness. The array of products and groundhog baits you see in the market fall into this category. Professional baits are made of different items either to chase groundhogs far away from a property or lure them into a trap already set by the property.

• Food Baits

This is the most common method used to get rid of groundhogs. Certain food items are selected and mixed with a poisonous substance to bait these animals and eliminate them. Food baits can also be used to attract the animals to where they are eventually trapped.

• Scent baits

These baits possess a strong aroma and are very effective in luring woodchucks to the set traps. These baits are made of natural vitamin extract with nice scents, such as vanilla.

However, it is important to know that baiting groundhogs are not enough, how the traps which the animals are lured into is more important. Also, how well you place the bait determines whether it will work or not. You need to place the bait at strategic locations where it becomes impossible for the groundhogs to escape the set trap.

Choosing The Right Bait

This is a difficulty many people experience; there are losses between choosing fruits, lettuce, beans, or even sweetcorns. Choosing the appropriate bait also plays an important role in the success of the trap set. The placement of trap is another area many people get wrong when trying to get rid of woodchucks, the best place to put the trap is at least six feet away from the hole.

While setting baits and trapping groundhogs is the most common way of eliminating them, there are other methods such as poisoning.

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