Forex cards are a convenient, safe and smart way to carry and spend money while travelling abroad.
Forex card is a pre-paid traveller’s card that is easy to use.
It offers you the flexibility of using it at merchant locations as well as withdrawing money from ATMs.
It can be easily reloaded even when you are travelling. Cards offer greater security and increased protection against theft.
The above two questions a traveller need to answer while planning a trip abroad.
Though cash is the most preferred way but using only it is not advisable, especially if the trip is going to be long.
There are few other ways one can carry forex – traveller’s cheques, which are mostly now out of use due to inconvenience of finding banks/dealers to change the same;
plastic money in the form of debit /credit cards and prepaid forex cards, also known as prepaid travel cards or multi-currency cards.

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