Are you a High Roller and love to play big bets? Then you need to try out a High Roller Casino that takes into account your needs.

As a high roller, you are highly sought after in the online casinos, which you can take advantage of. You will receive lots of perks and exclusive casino bonuses - if you choose the right casino.

Do you want to play big? Then you have come to the right place with an exciting big player casino selection. Check this Storspillercasino Best High roller casinos in Denmark. is a free comparison portal where you can find your next online casino. We have reviewed, evaluated and compared all the different Danish casinos, and therefore by using you can find the best Danish casinos.

An attractive casino for the high roller must have tables with high bet limits, for example, Unibet Casino has free BlackJack and free Roulette tables where it is possible to bet up to 35,000, - per. bet on BlackJack, and $ 55,000 per bet on Roulette. You as a high roller must have the opportunity to reach such high amounts if, for example, you choose to play Roulette system games.

Furthermore, it is also essential that the casino, in the event, that you "break the bank", have the volume to pay out your winnings, therefore it is also advantageous to choose a casino of a certain size so that you are sure they have the capital to reimbursement of winnings.

At some online casinos you will also be assigned as your high roller your casino host, who will assist you with cash-in and payouts, and also have the opportunity to offer you a sea of ​​different bonuses and free spins. As a VIP member of a quality casino, you will also have the opportunity, in addition to cash winnings, to win or receive various gifts and journeys.

When choosing a casino, it is also important which odds bonuses the best casinos offer high rollers. High Roller Casinos will offer special bonuses that meet their need for higher bonuses when paying high amounts. The typical bonus of 100% up to 1,000 kroner will not be enough for the high roller, instead, you will be offered bonuses of 100-200% of for example 10,000 kroner, and typically up to even higher amounts.

As a high roller, you should contact the casino's player support even before your first deposit and ask what special bonuses you can get for deposits of significant size and what VIP programs they have for big players.

Here we have gathered the online high roller casinos that we think are most attractive to the high roller.

There are definite definitions of when to be a high roller in certain places. In Australia, for example, you have to technically bring up to $ 75,000 to the table to call yourself an authentic high roller.

There are various limits at the casinos around the world, and if you move to the limit of that limit you will undoubtedly be named high roller. In Las Vegas, the limit is $ 150,000 to $ 300,000, and in Macau, it is up to $ 500,000.However, there has been some inflation in the term, so in many European online casinos, it does not take as much effort to call themselves a high roller.

These online high rollers also play at the casino's limit, but we are talking about a considerably smaller limit than, for example, at a physical casino in Macau.

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