Humans are generally highly visual species, and there is no denying the reality. Everyone loves selfies, and looking at the various social media, the truth is no further.

Pocket selfie drone is making video and image capturing easier and more fun!

Gone are the days when smartphone photography had it going, as now – only phones can’t keep up with the demands of a selfie-crazed society.

The world’s best pocket selfie drone shoots videos and images with higher-resolutions than most professional cameras and is designed to help you capture wider angles, positions that may seem technically impossible.

The ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone with 13MP High Definition Camera is a Selfie Drone that has taken a Whole New Level!

It is the ideal flying robot under $160 designed to take its own videos and pictures in the best HD format.

The ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone with 13MP High Definition Camera combines photography, robotics, and aeronautics, with self-absorption. It is indeed a match made in the skies.

This pocket selfie drone is becoming so popular that we now have the most compact, foldable and highly portable model in the marketplace.

It has very high-resolution camera integrated into the build and it lets you to take command of your selfie moments by providing you with a wide range of control options for the best possible imagery and effect.

The big selling point for this pocket selfie drone is that it is very foldable, and portable enough to fit right into your pocket or purse. It is also very rugged, durable and affordable!

Why Own a Pocket Selfie Drone?

Why buy a pocket selfie drone when you could just use your phone and a selfie-stick. Below are some advantages that come with owning the best pocket selfie drone:

• It lets you to get more creative since the pictures and videos taken are more versatile as the drone isn’t fixed to your arm like phones

• It lets you capture amazing shots from exceptional perspectives including aerial shots

• The ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone comes with pro-level camera – meaning your images and videos will be superb

• It also comes with intelligent features including vision sensors designed to help hoist your selfie-taking game…

The ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone is simply the new ‘cool’ thing as far as technological advancement is concerned.

Simply stay ahead of the curve with this pocket selfie drone, and you will definitely own the bragging rights among your selfie addicted friends still stuck in the ‘last century using just phones and sticks.’

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