There are many great herbal remedies for acne to help you ease the flare ups of this bothersome condition. None of us enjoy dealing with acne breakouts. And somehow acne seems to have a way of showing up just when it's least expected. These acne herbal remedies will help you get control of your acne once and for all without the nasty side effects of drugs.

If you don't want to use drugs for whatever reason, whether because of potential side effects or simply for better health, the following herbal remedies can greatly help in your fight against acne.

Some of the best herbs for acne include:

Lavender is a great herb to use in fighting acne. You can mix lavender oil with rosewater to have a very effective acne remedy. Then simply apply a small amount to the area where you have a problem. One wonderful side effect of lavender is that it smells awesome!

Green tea has been used for many years as a natural acne herbal remedy. Green tea is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and thus will help eliminate or greatly improve your acne. Use internally daily in tea or supplement form. Also can be used externally in herbal acne cream form directly on the inflamed areas.

Tea tree oil is an antiseptic that helps get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Tea tree oil can cause a mild tingling effect, which is the herb going to work killing germs.

Golden seal helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation of the skin.

Rose is another one of the beneficial herbal remedies for acne and is typically used in the form of rose water applied topically. Rose water helps kill bacteria on the skin and prevent excess oiliness. It also smells fabulous!

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