Create Your Own Big BANG Effect in 2004!

By Gary Ryan Blair

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Are you ready to get your ticket punched in 2004? Are you seriously ready to make a sudden, courageous, and monumental change, change on a grand scale that will change your life and those around you forever? Are you ready to create history, and have the best year of your life?

If you answered "Yes," then you're ready to create your Big BANG.

What is a Big BANG?

Big BANG is an acronym for Big Bold, Ambitious, Noble Goal. Applying the Big BANG formula to your life or career can allow you to create monumental, quantum-leap performance and profitability gains.

Here are the characteristics of the Big BANG formula and how it works:

… a Big BANG is saturated with boldness. It requires a fearless, daring, and courageous spirit, nerves of steel, and a massive dose of self-confidence. It‚s roll-the-dice-and-bet-the-house boldness. It can mean taking extraordinary risks, and, when you decide upon a course of action, boldness demands that you execute it aggressively.

Boldness alone isn't enough to create a Big BANG. Creating your own personal Big BANG also requires that your goal be:

… a Big BANG requires a strong, intense, passionate, and singular ambition to achieve a particular goal. That means settings goals that are as grand in scale as they are bold in formulation.

It was ambition that created the Seven Wonders of the World, and it is this formidable force, which provides the psychological mojo that screams faster, higher, braver, further.

Finally, creating your own Big BANG involves adopting goals that are:

… a Big BANG is championed by a noble cause that inspires and challenges people to perform at an uncommon level. After all, when you strive to better the lives of others… your family, your colleagues, your customers… you have a purpose worth pursuing, even when you might otherwise quit.

Shining with exceptional and noteworthy qualities, a noble goal is grand and impressive in both appearance and thought. Noble goals unleash the human spirit, and our world has been greatly blessed by men and women pursuing bold, ambitious, and noble goals, goals that created a Big BANG!

It's Time for You To Shine

Right now, this instant, you are capable of exponential growth. You have the ability to multiply your performance, dramatically exceed your best expectations, and achieve goals on a scale that in the past seemed impossible. You can do all of this once you focus on defining and pursuing your Big BANG.

But that means you must stop settling for things as they are, and surrender the belief that change is only marginal and incremental. Life is prepared to give you a breakthrough… a spontaneous creation experience any time you become willing to allow it.

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Few people or organizations ever come close to reaching their full potential. Most do not even come close, and barely scratch the surface of what they can possibly accomplish.

Maybe, just maybe, the time has come for you to study the face in the mirror and decide once and for all that you are ready to rock the world.

Let me be perfectly clear about this, we are not talking about getting to the next level, what we're talking about here is getting to the next orbit!

I'm talking about increasing sales by 500%, about dominating your market niche, worldwide distribution and consumption of your product or service, about winning the Gold Medal in the Olympics, about finding a cure for the incurable.

How to Create a Big BANG

A Big BANG calls out for a monumental goal that is transparently clear, amazingly simple, and tenaciously spirited. This type of goal requires an internal sense of urgency about results that even high-performers struggle to comprehend.

The level of discipline and intensity of focus required to achieve this type of goal requires that you say adios to your comfort zone. A profound and unwavering commitment to achievement is mandatory; once you set a Big BANG you'll be working without a net.

The process begins with your ability to answer one question: What...?

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Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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