Best Foreign Currency Exchange Services in India

Orient Exchange is renowned for its capabilities as a RBI authorized Category II money changers. With over twenty plus branches spread across major cities in India, we are amongst the leaders in foreign currency exchange. If you want further validation as to why we are the best foreign currency exchange service in India, read onto the following reasons and take joy in being a part in helping people deal with foreign currency with much ease.

Which is the best place to get foreign currency exchange in India?

If you want to buy foreign currency, exchange it, or accumulate it for future exchanges, it is wise to go with registered entities who have experience and backing to provide you the best rates. There are multiple factors to take into account when it comes to dealing with foreign currency. Determine the need of your hour and figure out if you require outward remittance, travel cards or exchange of your domestic currency. Before you make any transaction with a money changer, you need to know the market facts about rate fluctuations.

About Foreign currency exchange rates

Even those new to the market might understand the basic elements of finances, and how currency exchange rates keep changing as per the rise of economy and change in political situations. But, no matter how the overall rates differ in reference to the external stimuli, it is the money changers who determine which rate to provide you in comparison to the market competition. That's where we are different.

Best Money Changing Services

We simply can provide the best rates because of the business model that's been designed with the end-users in mind. The crucial element that enables us to provide the best rates in the market is our connections with foreign nations like Dubai and UAE; with the relationship we continue with such countries we remain as one of the well-established foreign currency importers, that's the key difference that makes us the best money changing service.

Now, that you know how we are able to provide you the best rates, why not give us a call or send us a request mail to inquire about your foreign currency exchange needs.

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An Authorized Dealer-II license holding company, registered at Bangalore, India and is part of Orient Exchange Co.(L.L.C.),Dubai, group of companies. Orient Exchange Co. (L.L.C.), established in 1923, is one of the first few exchange Houses to operate from the Middle East. The company is into both Foreign exchange (Retail, Whole sale) and remittances business. Orient Exchange has 27 branches in UAE, 18 branches in Hong Kong, 14 branches in Malaysia, 8 branches in Australia, 2 branches in United Kingdom and has tie up with all major banks across the world for remittance business. The company offers various cash to cash remittances services too and is the primary agent of Western Union in Dubai.

In India we are having 24 branches and have presence in 18 cities. Globally as a group we have operation in AUSTRALIA, HONG-KONG,MALAYSIA apart from UAE and INDIA.