Breast Cancer Treatment India. MMA offers breast cancer surgery in Delhi, India. Women with breast cancer have many treatment options. These include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy.

About the Disease
Breast cancer is a type of cancer that occurs most commonly in women. In some cases, it occurs in men as well. It takes place when cells start to grow quickly. Breast cancer cells form a tumor that one can visualize through x-ray.

Nipple releases blood
Change in shape and size of the nipple
Change in shape and size of the breast
Breast lump
Diagnosis of Disease
Breast cancer hospital in India uses the following test to diagnose the disease.

Treatment Options
People who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can opt for any of the following methods for breast cancer treatment in India.

Biological Therapy
Radiation Therapy
Hormonal Therapy
Some of the general risks for breast cancer include;

Old age
Dense breast
Previous history of radiation therapy
Reproductive history
History of ovarian cancer
Success Rate of Treatment
We at Marlin Medical Assistance help our patients in finding experienced doctors and world-class hospitals for breast cancer surgery in India while ensuring a 90% success rate. Meanwhile, the success depends on the actual condition and stage of patients.

Silent Feature
Pre Procedure Preparation
Before going for breast cancer treatment in Delhi, you need to undergo the following test.

ECG to check your heart condition
Blood test to check the general health condition
X-ray to check the condition of your lungs
A breathing test
Throughout Procedure
The overall procedure of breast cancer treatment in Delhi includes;

Lumpectomy for removing small tumors
Mastectomy for removal of breast tissue
Eliminating the limited number of lymph nodes
Removal of a larger number of lymph nodes
Breast removal
Post Procedure Precautions
Patients need to follow up with doctors after breast cancer treatment for the following tests.

Body checkup
Pelvic test
Testing for bone health

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